The Time of Dragons

A tale of dragons, elves, humans and dwarves, of battles, of unity and romance, of travel and discovery.

There was a time when forests covered the earth, filled with the grace and magics of elves, and the mountains reached for the sky while dwarves tunnelled underneath, creating enchanting works with their hammers and their anvils. Dragons flew overhead, their wings stretching in the sky, letting the sun warm their scales, and posing no threat to the peace below. They spoke to the Matriarchs, the women who could communicate with the dragons, loved the dragons, and cared for them so they would not have to hunt amongst the peaceful elves and dwarves.

Then the humans came.

They brought new discoveries to the land, new medicines, new clothing, new weapons. The dwarves and elves welcomed new ideas and allowed the humans to settle, helping them build houses and towns. A great castle was built with the help of the mining dwarves, and everyone rejoiced at the new alliance.

But the humans were greedy. Soon they became disatisfied, and took more land. They cut down the elves trees, some of which were sacred, and some humans stole gold from the dwarves. War began, but the humans were no match for the forces of the two races, combined with the power of the dragons.

So the King ordered that the Matriarchs be destroyed.

He believed they controlled the dragons, and with them gone, he would have that power. But the King was wrong. For once the Matriarchs were killed, the dragons no longer had an interest in the politics of the land. They roamed free, and began attacking humans, elves and dwarves alike, along with their livestock.

The three races now lived in fear of the creatures they had once admired and loved.

The King ordered the war to continue, and so all races clashed once again. Children grew up in a time of terror, where they were enlisted in to the army as soon as they were old enough, men and women alike.

But twelve years later, something is about to change. Something which will have an effect on the lives of all three races on the ground, and, the dragons of the air.

The End

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