Zane: Black Sails!

Byret was fast; quick in reaction and swift on his feet. His sword and dagger worked in unison, flickering through the air with blinding speed. The weapons moved with such precision and harmony with the body, that it seems as if they were extension of his arms. His maneuvers were almost perfect, leaving only weak spots for those whose eyes were keen enough to notice.

Yes, Byret was fast. But so was I. When his sword came from above, I blocked the blow with my right scimitar, preventing the weapon from reaching my skull. But it wasn’t over yet, I knew. The dagger came in from below and heading straight to my ribs.

That movement; I was expecting.

I parried the dagger away and followed it with a low kick to the stomach. My opponent, Byret, staggered backwards, but never lost his balance. Byret never loses his balance or focus. So when I came at him again, one scimitar up and one down, he was able to match my blows. It didn’t take long for him to assume the offensive, yet again. The only reason I was able to hold my ground was because of my exceptional ability to see fast moving objects.

“Well done, lad.” Byret said with a smile after we disengaged for a second time. “Keep your eyes open and pay keen attention to every detail in my body, to every single movement, however miniscule.” Then he came at me again, this time using a maneuver that I have seen so very often him use. It was his signature move - intended to defeat an opponent whose keen vision and fast thinking were more than ordinary, such as mines. I knew then that this last few seconds, that with these last few blows that we were about to exchange, the fight will end. Byret always ended our sparring sessions with this move; a technique that always gets me every time…But not this time.

I raised my scimitars up, crossing them in front of me and let Byret throw the first blow. It came to my right side; his long sword leading the way. That one, I easily parried. Then the dance began once more, and I was on the defensive, blocking and parrying his blows as they came from all directions. I kept my pace and rhythm until I saw it, like I always do. Two opening which led to my victory, and if I succeed in breaking through the right one, that victory would be assured. I knew for a fact, though, that one of those opening was purposely laid open for me to take the bait. It was Byret’s way to lure his opponents, in this case me, into a trap. But the other one, the other opening, only I was able to see. But Byret knew this too, so now it came to a game of guesses. For If I choose the wrong one, I lose, like I had done for the past ten days.

But today; today was different. A smile found its way into my face as I parried the deadly dagger before it pierced my heart.

It was time.

I changed my posture and switched into the offensive, keeping Byret blocking and parrying my blows above the chest. What I was about to do, I had thought of doing for quite some time now. Today was the time to test it. This maneuver was possible due to the fact that I use two weapons instead of one and both of the scimitars were light enough for me to preform it without hindrance from weight. It was a double edge technique; a simultaneous attack, void all defenses.

Byret raised an eyebrow when he saw my smile and noticed my change in rhythm. My movements had indeed changed as I prepared myself to exploit both openings simultaneously. It was a long shot, but a shot I had to take nonetheless.

Byret came low with the sword - a move I anticipated beforehand. I blocked the blow with my left scimitar and followed suite by pivoting to the left and parrying a slash from the dagger to my throat. And I came about; I launched forwards, one scimitar high, and the other one low. I knocked Byret’s sword out of the way and broke through the first opening, perceiving a blow right to the temple.

Meanwhile my other scimitar ignored the incoming dagger, thinking it was fast enough to reach skin before the dagger did. I was wrong. Before my simultaneous attack could pierce through the openings, I felt the tip of the dagger at my throat.

I had lost, yet again.

“It’s not fair!” I yelled in frustration and threw my blades against the floor. “It doesn’t matter what I try, I can’t beat you. I just can’t. It’s not fair.” I hated winning, but after losing every practice sparring against Byret just gave me no choice.

“That move.” Byret said then, calm and cool as ever. “The double edge strike you’d just preformed. That was your first step to becoming one of the Five Sea Warlords.”

I smiled at the thought. Being a Sea Warlord was no easy task but the perks were off the charts. These Warlords had everything, from respect, fame, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. They were practically the gods of the sea. They alone had the power sink ships with a swing of their swords.

Just then Linz - one of the ship's crewmate - entered the room. “We’ve spotted a ship with black sails. The captain requests your presence immediately.” He informed Byret and quickly ran back to the captain quarters. Now I was beginning to worry.

“Come, lad.” Byret motioned for me to follow. “It’s time we see your father. It seems we’ve found Varko at last.”

I gulped. Captain Varko was one of the Seven Sea Warlords!

The End

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