Dad! (Dashti)

"Nice to meet you Sol. This is my brother, Fred." At the sound of his name, Fred flew and landed on my shoulder.

"This is your brother?" She looked at Fred curiously.

"Yes. His mom found me as a baby and brought me home to her nest the same night Fred hatched. I grew up there!" I looked over at the other dragon on the ship, instantly recognizing him.

"Daddy!" Fred and I yelled in unison. I ran over with Fred flying above me.

"How's my little girl and little boy?" He was speaking dragonese.

"Great! I just barely saved that girl's life!" Fred pointed over to Sol.

"Her name's Sol Dad, and she was completely shocked when she saw you and Cryd!" We had both responded in dragonese.

"Cryd, did you use the power dive your mum and I taught you?" Fred nodded to his question. "Daodpi, did you watch for your brother?"

"Yes father." I stood with my feet together and my head slightly bowed. Respectful poise, my mum (dragon mum) told me to use whenever my dad questioned me.

"Good. I was just checking up on you two. I will be every month. Now, mum's waiting with the new nestlings and I've got to run. Be good kids!" He flapped his wings and flew off.

"Bye dad!" I called in human. "See you next month!"

"Bye!" Fred waved a claw then returned to the crow's nest.

The End

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