Soleimia: Where Am I?

I woke up in a hammock and it took me a minute to remember what had happened. I remember falling then something picked me up and dropped me on a different ship. One that had just appeared while we were trying to attack the cargoship. I got out of the hammock and walked out of the room I was in.

Out on the deck I looked around and stared with awe and horror as I saw two dragons. I must have swallowed too much sea water. Dragons usually didn't come out of hiding not to mention run a ship! Good thing I didn't faint just then a girl appeared behind me.

"Hi, I'm Dashti." she smiled at me "What's your name?"

"I'm Sol." I decided that if I wanted her to call me by my nickname that it would be best to just tell her it than my entire name.

The End

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