Belle: Pirate Loving Princess

I hummed under my breath as I walked through the streets, hiding under my black cloak. I was off to sea, without permission. Since I was tiny, I had wanted to be a pirate, to be free in the seas, to pillage and plunder.

My name is Belle. My father is a Lord, who hates piracy and crime. I hate him. I left my home, to trvel the seas, a find a crew, fit to be pirates. I smiled to myself. I walked up to the clothing stall, and bought myself some black trousers and a white shirt. I went into an alley, and changed. I tucked my shirt into my trousers. I smiled, taking off my small, pale pink shoes, folding the pearly dress up, and selling it for a bag of gold.

I tied my hair back high, and wrapped the whip I carried with me through the belt loops. I pulled the cloak back on, leaving the hood down. As I walked, men smirked, watching me walk towards the docks. I dropped the bag of gold into the man's hand, and climbed aboard the small boat, letting it pull away from the docks.

I ripped my cloak, and painted the Jolly Roger upon it almost perfectly. I hoisted it up the mast, and began to steer out, out into the sea, looking for other ships. redy to recruit a thiefing rouge.

The End

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