Water Rescue (Dashti)

"Hey Fred! Let's give those sailors a good scare!" I stretched out my arm and Fred climbed onto it, blending in with my sleeve. He gives me his shed skin to use as clothing so it matches him perfectly. Running up to the stern of the ship. I took one more step and flicked my arm and Fred shot fire out of his mouth. From a distance, it would look like I had done the spark, thus giving me the appearance of a wizard. I watched, satisfyed, as sailors panicked and jumped into the ocean.

"Hey, look over there! It's another girl pirate." I followed Fred's pointing claw to where a girl was standing in the midst of the running coward sailors. I was about to look away when I saw one sailor push her into the water. Most pirates can't swim, especially when they fall in unexpectedly.

"Fred!" He was already in the air, beginning a power dive to retrieve her. As he was enfolded in the water, I held my breath, hoping he'd be able to find her. A flash of green told me he was either still looking or trying to grab her. Suddenly I could see his wings pumping towards the surface. He burst through into the air with the girl in his claws. "Over here Fred! Bring her over here." I reached out with my arms to help pull her onto our ship.

"She's heavier than in the water!" Fred was starting to pant. "My wings being wet don't help things!" I grabbed the girls waist and pulled her onto our ship as Fred landed on my shoulders.

"You did good Cryd, thanks." I fetched a blanket and bundled the half drowned pirate in it. With Fred's help, I dragged her into the cabin and into a hammock.

"What the?" She opened her eyes and started coughing up water.

"Easy, you just barely escaped drowning, with the help of my brother of course." She looked at me strangely right before falling asleep.

The End

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