I sat rigid and queit on the branch. My bow strung and resting menacingly on my lap. Three arrows were stabbed into the branch next to me. My name is Marcus and I'm a Ranger. I am the youngest there has ever been. From the age of seven I have trained in archery, hand-to-hand combat, guile and swordplay.

This is my first mission in a lowly fishing town on the eastern side of the kingdom. My objective is to make sure the monthly taxes get safley through the bandits territory. The reason for my sitting on a branch was that I was supposed to meet the carriage with the taxes.

After several more minutes the slow canter of horses nears my position. Slowly, carefull not to draw attention I slipped a arrow from the branch. I notch it on the string and wait. The carriage stops below my branch. I smile slipping the arrow from my bow and put it along with the two stuck in the branch into my sheath.

I drop silently onto the seat next to the driver.

"Onward." I smile as he jumps.

The End

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