My name is Dashti. At least, in human it is. My real name, the first name I had been given, is Daodpi. That's dragonese. I grew up with dragons until I had turned eleven. That's when my dragon dad found a pirate's ship and stole it for my brother Cryd or Fred and me to strike out on our own! Well, that and the nest was getting crowded. New hatchlings, too many older ones, time to get rid of a few. So here we are, sailing around the ocean on our own ship.

"There's a fight going on up ahead!" Fred called from the crow's nest. By the way, Fred's a dragon. A small dragon. Small enough to be carried on my back. I love him anyway.

"You want to go crash it?" I looked up at him.

"You know it!" Fred crawled down the mast as we neared the sight.

"Fire when you want to Cryd!" I called him that sometimes out of habit. It was a fight between another pirate ship and a cargo ship. "Let's help our fellow pirates out a bit!"

"First fire!" He was really calling in dragonese, but I'll translate for you. The canonball smashed into the side of the cargo ship. This was going to be fun!

The End

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