I quickly ran around the ship passing supplies to any of my fellow crew members. You see I'm a pirate and my captain was one of the most feared pirates around. Yet I only knew him as Captain so I couldn't tell you his name. He found me out at sea and for some strange reason he kept me as one of his pirates. I can't even remember my past. So I grew up here. I was also the only girl pirate on his ship. There were very few girl pirates and none of them were very friendly. The pirates named me Soliemia but they usually call me Sol for short. I was very good with my sword and at times I could do things that I never understood. Those kinds of things I knew only someone with magical properties could understand.

I then pulled out my sword as our target got closer. It was one of those ships that they used to carry special cargo. Then as it came along out side I heard Captain yell FIRE.

And the battle began....

The End

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