Back to the Future


Sigh. If only we could've stopped the Titanic sinking. I mean, it wouldn't change the future. It would've just change 2010's history. Instead of the history being 'the Titanic sank' and there being a bog history project on it, it would be 'despite hitting the iceberg, the Titanic did not sink' and there would be no history project on it. The crowd started milling away till we were two of a few people left.

"What're we going to do now? I mean, we'll never find the clock again,if that's how we get back to the present, future, 2010!" Lilac exclaimed.

"Well, we could ask that man again" I suggested. Lilac nodded. 

"Where is he?"

"Over there" I pointed. We walked over to him.

"Excuse me Sir" Lilac said "Would you mind taking us back to that clock we were standing on?"

"Well Amy. I would take you back to the clock if you had been standing on one. Unfortunately, you were not" top-hat-man smiled kindly. No clock? Of coarse! The clock wouldn't have been around in this time period!

"Oh. I am very sorry. We thought me were somewhere else. I could've sworn we were standing on a yellow clock. May you take us to where you met us first?" I said politely. The man looked at us curiously.

"Of coarse Ellie. May I ask, are you educated?"

"We're in year five"

"Hmm. OK. Let us go to your clock then" he said. Then he led us to where we had first met. There was a circle of faded concrete, but no clock

"Thank you" me and Lilac said together. Then we stood on the circle, and spun. Then we let go and fell onto the ground, in our playground, next to the clock. We stared in wonder. Then I noticed Adam standing nearby, looking at us with a shocked expression.

"He fancies you" Lilac grinned.

"Does not!" I exclaimed. 

The End

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