A Man in a Top Hat


"Hello young lady, what can I do for you?" a man in a suit and top hat said.

"Hello. My name is Ellie. Nice to meet you. Umm... I'm confused. I was at school..."

"Nice meet you too Elizabeth. There is no school here. Maybe you are seeing things" he smiled.

"It's just Ellie. That's my whole name. Just, just Ellie."

"Alright then Ellie. Who is your friend" he asked. I looked at her and she shook her head slowly.

"This is Amy" I lied on her behalf. She smiled at me thankfully.

"Nice to meet you Amy. I'm Harry. How do you do?"

"Very well thank you" we both say together. 

"Where are you going?" 'Amy' asked politely.

"Oh, but do you not know? The Titanic is setting off today. I am going to see it. It is unsinkable, you know"

"Yes, of coarse. How silly of me" I said, making it appear that I was from this time. "May we come along?"

"Of coarse. Follow me" he said. So we followed him.

The End

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