Adam West


I'll admit it, I was a loner. But I never saw anything wrong with it, its just how I was. I wasn't a girl so I was chased away if I ventured too near to the games that went on round the hopscotch and I definatley wasn't one of the good looking, cool boys who always played on the football pitch. Nope, I was just a lanky, scrawny 10 year old in primary school.  One place which I found I could venture near was the dusty faded clock. There was no real use for it as far as I could tell. But lately I had been seeing Ellie and a friend of hers play on it. All they did was spin each other round and fall. Sighing I had simply moved round the edge of the playground  looking over to see what Ellie was doing now but she had gone. I smiled to myself, Ellie-May? Nah, never in a million years. 

From what I heard in the lunch hall all her game consisted of was simply having a partner, spinning round, letting go and seeing where each of you landed. It all sounded rather dull but the stories I overheard seemed much more exciting. I'd heard everything from watching the romans to riding a horse in the countryside of a big house.  When I saw that Ellie and her friend had left I walked over to the clock... nothing that extraordinary about it. Big part of it went from 1-12 then just inside that 13-24. Maybe I should ask Ellie if I could play during tomorrow's lunch. Or at least hear her tell some more weird and wonderful stories.

The End

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