The Clock


"Come on Ellie! We need to get the clock!" my friend shouted to me as she ran across the playground. I laughed and followed her. She stood on the clock. "Come on! Quick!"

"I'm coming!" I laughed as I got to the clock. I stood opposite her and held out my hands, palm up. She held out hers, palm down. We grabbed each other's wrists. "Ready?"

"Yep. Ready?"





"Go!" we shouted together and started spinning around in fast circles. After about a minute, the only thing keeping us up was the grip we had on each other. 

"OK. Let go" I said and we both let go and fell onto our bottoms. I landed on the one, with my feet on the twelve. She landed on the nine.

"nineteen-twelve" she said. I nodded, got up and brushed myself off. Then I noticed something. The school looked different. The school wasn't there! I was wearing different clothes too. My knee length skirt and t-shirt had turned into an ankle length dress. So had her shorts and t-shirt. "Ellie?"


"Where are we?"

"I don't know" I said. "I think we may have travelled in time. I'm not sure."

"Wasn't nineteen-twelve the year the Titanic sank?"

"Yes. Something like that. So, there's only one way to find out if we have time travelled" I say, and walk up to the nearest person.

The End

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