Fox AgreesMature

"I'm afraid that have to agree with Mr. Reaper." I turned to see Anna staring glumly at her folded hands, "Have you  had to accept that in the end you will either starve, die of disease, or be murdered? Have you ever looked up at swirling ash that extends to all horizons, year after year? Have you been hunted by a band of American and Soviet soldiers who have joined together as brother bandits? My friends call me Fox because I fight tooth an nail, like a cornered animal, just to live another day in a nightmare.

"Every one of us has experienced such different circumstances, and come from worlds so vastly different I can hardly imagine what the others have described; talking only helps so much, especially when we know that eventually we must return to the places we are forced to call home."

For the first time I noticed how tired she looked, as though she hadn't slept in ages, and while I had assumed her pale skin and red hair went hand-in-hand, lack of sunlight was a much better explanation for her almost alabaster skin.

My patients seemed to be loosing faith rather quickly, but I knew I could help them if they just let me.

"I would be lying to say that I know how you all feel, but I know that I can help you. And I know that you can help each other if you just try".

The End

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