Llewellyn and MoonwalkerMature

The door suddenly flew open amid a flash of fire and smoke.

"I heard that. What do you mean Faeries don't exist? Faeries do so exist!  Some of my best friends are faeries. The next thing you'll be telling me is that dragons don't exist either!"

A deafening roar followed by an average person sized dragon entered the room, with a smaller than average sized person trying to hold him back by one wing. He was your typical fire breathing dragon, only smaller.

It was just as well. If he'd been any bigger, he might not have fit in the room, with his probable wing span, and all. Not to mention how intimidating he was, even downsized.

The woman ran in front of the beastie and put a hand on his snout to prevent him from incinerating Shard.

"Stop it Llewellyn! Do you want me to put you back in  the Van Helsing Stronghold? Just because you grew up in a world full of magical people, it doesn't mean everyone did, so behave yourself."

The dragon folded his wings and sort of sat on his tail , sulking. The lady was somewhere in her fourties or fifties, maybe even in her early sixties. It was almost impossible to tell her age. She didn't look  old - or young, either. She was certainly spry, regardless. She stood in front of her scaly friend, looking around for me, presumably. she probably didn't know who the therapist was, so she just spoke toward the room in general.

"Um.. Hi. My name is Moonwalker. I made an appointment, but  Llew burnt up the paper I wrote the time on. He doesn't exactly want to be here. Should I come back later?"

The End

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