Devlin and ReaperMature

As the authors and characters spoke among themselves two voices echoed from behind the door. The voices were in a foreign language, it sounded like Russian. One of the voices, a female, was sharply talking. The voice, a man, growled back. Oh dear. As the door opened the two switched to English.

"Why are we even here?! I don't need therapy I've killed people all over the world for years, avoiding all the death traps you tossed at me. I'm fine Devlin!" The man he was about 26 years of age and spoke with a heavy Russian accent. He stood six feet tall with short spiked black hair, icy blue eyes focusing on the girl. Devlin was shorter than her character, she was only 17 years old with long lightly curled brown hair and snowy grey eyes.

"Reaper, you promised, PROMISED to come to this. You can take 5 minutes to stop killing people and running from the government to sit and talk." Reaper crossed his arms and snarled something at the girl in Russian. Devlin recoiled and glared at him. The two seemed oblivious of me and the others occupying the room. I cleared my throat causing Devlin and Reaper to suddenly look at me.

"Glad to see you two could make it. You didn't bring any weapons, correct?" Reaper scowled and shot a venomous glance to Devlin, she sighed and nodded.

"It took me a couple of hours but I managed." I gave the two a smile and motioned for them to take a seat on the nearby chairs.

"Devlin and Reaper, since your new I'll introduce you. That's Del and her character Mel. Spook and her character Shard." Shard gave Devlin a nervous wave. "And Elo with her character Rach. Everyone else if you didn't already know this is Devlin and her character Reaper."

The new comer’s took their seats, Reaper's hands fidgeted as Devlin spoke softly in Russian trying to calm his nerves. The other authors and characters were silent, a bit shocked at the odd mix between character and author. I placed their files before me in my lap.

"If everyone is here, shall we get started?" I said clapping my hands together. 

The End

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