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Before anyone else can say anything I hear arguing in the hall.

“Why are we going here again?” an annoyed woman’s voice asks

“Because,” a second woman answers, “Elo thinks it might be good for us.”

“Pfft, your always on her side,” the first woman sneers.

Their voices continue to rise, and it’s not just because they are getting closer.

“Well maybe if you weren’t such a bitch...”

“Yeah well you try going through what I did...”

“I’ve got my own...”

“Enough!” a third voice rings out in a tone that speaks of motherhood. “Now get in there and sit.”

All eyes turn to the door as a dark hair woman enters. Her blue eyes light up as they spot Shard. “Oh good, you got dragged in too?” She sits down on the chair he’s perched upon.

“Hey Rach,” Shard grins at the woman, “don’t suppose you’ve got anything on you.”

“Does it look like I could hide anything in this?” Rach shifts herself with the grace of a cat, her fitted jump suit accentuating all her curves. “Not like Elo would let me bring anything.” She glares at her author who stands in the door with a young woman who looks like she could be her younger sister.

“Sarah you should sit by Mel.” Elorie nods in Mel’s direction. “You two have something in common.”

“Oh great,” Mel’s voice drips in sarcasm, “someone else who knows all about me.”

Sarah takes the indicated chair and shrugs. “I wasn’t told anything. I just know those two over there are likely to cause trouble.” She gestures to Rachael and Shard who appear to be whispering.

“Right,” Elorie lets out a sigh. I can tell she’s trying to calm herself down. “Hello all.” She smiles as she sits. “Who else are we waiting for Anna?”

The End

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