Don't Do MorningsMature


I stared at the work in front of me dully, it hadn't taken me long to complete but Selina finished before me. I yawned and stretched out my arms, some of the students turned round to look at me. Blake poked me in the side with the butt of his pencil,

"Hey, act normal will ya." I looked at him sleepily and muttered,

"I don't do mornings."

"Yeah you don't so lunch or evening either." I had to bite back a hiss and instead turned back to looking at the front. I yawned again, but this time made a point of making it smaller. I heard Blake chuckle next to me,

"Mutt" I muttered moodily to myself, I heard Blake choke back another laugh. I placed my elbow on the table and rested my chin on it, angling myself so I could see the girl who Lopez was sat next to. She had ice blue eyes and long black hair, I blinked my bright green eyes slowly. I felt myself frown thoughtfully, Lopez seemed to be interested in this girl as well. I met his eyes, he looked at me stonily and I just smiled.

The girl seemed to be draw something, her work book beside her. I felt my nose wrinkle as the teacher walked past, he used too much colon.

Felicia... that's here name. I thought idly.

Felicia looked up almost as if she sense my gaze, she looked at me and smiled slightly, I didn't smile back. Smiling took energy and all I wanted to do was sleep, Stupid Lopez for making us travel half the night, I'm so tired.

Act natural? I smiled back at her finally before turning back round to the front, I laid my head on the desk, my arms tucked under them and began to doze. The teacher began to talk again but I took no notice, I was to interested in my sleep state.

I wonder if Felicia will become Lopez's mate? I don't think Selina would be very accepting.

"Hey, Leela! Wake up." Blake hissed at me, I was instantly awake from my little doze. Without moving my head from the desk I lifted my arm so that I could look at Blake. He gave me one of his boyish grins and I felt myself smile without knowing.

"Leela are you feeling ok? Would you like to go to matron?" I glanced up at the teacher, I had to stop myself from spitting at the god awful smell.

"No I'm OK sir. I've just finished the work." I smiled at him, closing my eyes in the process. I opened them and looked at the teacher with an obvious curiosity, I could see grey hair in his full head of brown hair, small wrinkles lined the corners of his eyes. He was a man who showed emotion quite often, had his fair share of laughter and crying.

"Right, your friend also finished the work." I nodded,

"Yeah she always the first to finish, I'm just to tired to normally try to be quicker." I said matter of factly. The teacher looked a bit surprised at me telling him I'm, in a sense, to lazy, but then again why waste energy on something so pointless as being the first to finish?

"Oh Ok, well there's only a few minuets left until the end of the lesson, I'm sure you can entertain yourself." Yeah, by sleeping. But the look he gave told me that, that didn't include sleeping. I nodded and pulled out a note book from my bag, I showed the teacher and he nodded, convinced that I wasn't going to sleep anymore.

I opened to a new page and looked sideways at Blake, I began to write a little poem about him. I smiled down at the writing and drew a little heart at the end. I put a date for this poem and began to flick through the other ones I had written. I glanced back at Felicia once more before the bell rang, this was going to be interesting.

The End

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