I couldn't help looking back at Lopez as he sat next to...the teacher had said her name, but I couldn't remember. I just didn't like it. She wasn't one of us, what if Lopez started to change during the lesson? That'd hardly be a good start to a new school, a "fresh start"...

Caleb caught my line of vision and placed a hand over mine as the teacher moved in front of the board. I looked back at him and smiled. "I know, I shouldn't be so guarded. But..." I frowned slightly, trying to conjure up an excuse for taking a dislike to this girl. She seemed fine, I had to admit. I just didn't want Lopez to do anything.  "We all know Lopez feels a bit left out being the only member of the clan without..a partner." We smirked as Caleb knew I'd had to refrain from saying "mate". We had to act all modern day teenager, which I'd just demonstrated could be harder than you'd think with our clan.

"He'll be careful, don't worry." Caleb turned back to his work, and I sat patiently at our desk, looking dully at my book. It seemed everyone else was still working...

"Selina, is it?" The teacher walked over, looking concerned at my lack of work. "Are you stuck on anything?"

"No, sir, I'm finished." I got out a book and started to read, and then looked back up to see him still standing over the desk.

"Yes, well, erm...very good." He walked back and I couldn't help feeling a smug smile creep over my face. I took pride in my cunning and brains, which luckily were the characteristics that stayed in both my human and animal form. Unfortunately I also possessed my protective attitude over the clan in both forms, which still made me worry about the girl seated next to Lopez...

The End

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