In Class with new studentsMature


I walk into my first class and take a seat at the back. The seat next to me remains empty but that doesn't mean not a few boys try. I continuely block them and they move off mutter 'she never lets anyone sit next to her'.

I have to do this till the bell goes and every student is in there seats. But then the teacher walks in five students trailing behind him. Strangely I take in a sharp breath at the sigh of them.

They're all so different. Uh, I must of not slept right. I look back down at my sketch pad and decide to sketch one of the boys almost standing at the front of the pack of new kids.

"Kids, these are the new students. They have moved here on their own and I expect you to treat them with your full respect" The teacher calls out. The class chorus's 'yes, sir'. The teacher looks around. He sends four of the students to a seat of two seats table on the first and secound row leaving the boy I'm sketching at the front.

Sir looks around then his eyes focus on the seat next to me. I moan cause I know whats next. "You'll have to sit next to Felicia at the back Mr Lopez"

The bow nods then begins to head up to the back to the seat next to me. I look down at the picture I've drawn and notice I've sketched a leaping wolf behind him. I frown then hearing the bag dumped heavily next to me jump and snap the book shut.

I turn to look at him. "Hey, I'm Lopez" He says holding out his hand. I take it in a shake.

"Felicia" I mutter and can't help staring at his eyes which seems to have flecks of yellow.

"Nice to meet you, Felicia" Lopez says drawing my attention back to his face. He smiles and I blush.

"You too" I mutter pulling away and turning back to my sketchin pad avoiding his picture and starting a new one of a wolf.

The End

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