The Teenage ClanMature

When a set of five teenager begin attending LightWater High. Felicia seems to be the only one to notice how they seem different.
The odd colour of their eyes, their teeth being a hell of a lot sharper then normal.
But she didn't expect this knowledge turning her into one.


"I need to go Jake" I say trying to pull out of his arms.

"Why? School's boring you should come with me to work" Jake mutters tightening his arms round my waist.

"Jake, let go. You're not even my boyfriend people are going to stare" I mutter trying to squirm once again out of his arms. He lets go and I get chance to pull back my long mignight black curls into a ponytail. My side fringe still hangs covering my right eye.

"I hate you not letting me be your boyfriend" Jake says following me out the front door as I grab my satchel, coat and keys.

"I don't like you in that way Jake. You're just a friend get use to it" I  say letting him get out before I close the door and lock it. I turn and take the steps leading up to my house.

"Fine, how's your Uncle Spence doing then?" Jake ask walking easily at my side as I head in the direction of LightWater High.

"You know my Uncle, Jake. He's always bizzy at work. The boss has him flying to new york tommorow" I say looking across at him. Why does he always try to push our friendship. He knows I don't see him in that way. Thats why we stopped going out and just became friends.

"Hmm, I might migrate there in desperation to find someone" Jake says acting all dramatic.

I burst out laughing and Jake smiles. "You are so strange Jake. Loads of girls from school like you and your stuck on me its your own fault you ain't got a girlfriend" I say shaking my head but still smiling.

"Yeah, well look theres school up ahead. I'm leaving" Jake says he turns on his heels and head off back down the street. I turn and watch him go then shake my head.

"Idiot" I mutter then turn to run the last short distance into school. I get past the car park and up the steps quickly. "Its going to be a long day"

The End

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