The tale of Tiddlywink. - The game. An interactive search for the end.

An interactive childrens tale. Silly. Yeah but wonderfully confusing. Tiddlywink is lost and alone.

The Wicked Twin Sister LTD presents:

The tale of Tumbleweed tiddlywink, an interactive search for the end.

You don't quite know why you are where you are, in a field of asparagus. As far as your little eyes can see there is asparagus, bright green and fresh in endless rows, everywhere. You look around, feeling lost and abandoned. That's because you actually seem to be just that; lost and abandoned in a field of sprouting asparagus. An equally endless sky without a trace of clouds makes this day a fine day. The sun, slightly to the east and brilliant will make it a hot day. The field and the sky and the empty space in your memory where there used to be a name, a home and a family makes it a very lonely day. After only a few minutes of existance in this tale you are already a little bit tired and you wish for this day to end. You want to go home, wherever home might be.

Your name is Tumbleweed Tiddlywink. That is the only thing you know for sure even if you don't know how you know. You are somewhere between four and six years old. You are not sure exactly. Your hair keeps falling over your eyes and you keep scraping the reddish locks away so you can see. You look down on yourself. Blue and gray Adidas sneakers, new looking, A pair of blue cotton shorts with lots of pockets, a grimy looking pink T-shirt. Your mind goes blank for a second and then you grab the elastic waistband of your shorts. Oh, I'm a boy. No doubt. You slap your forehead, feeling enormously silly. How could you forget?

One of your many pockets bulge conspicuously and you pull from it a nearly full bag of Sour keys. Do you like Those? Shrugging, you pop a candy in your mouth and chew on it considering what to do next. there has to be a way home.

You take another look around.To the north the field seem to go on forever. To the East something sparkles prettily and it almost seem like it blends with the clear sky but is a little bit darker, yet more silvery bright. You turn West and you think you see something. Something dark and square. Ugly. There is a slow throbbing sound coming from it. an ugly sound. You frown and turn South, you see a cloud hovering over the ground. You think that's kind of silly but it sure looks like a cloud that swirls around something trapped inside it. Something red. A faint coughing sound comes from there. It starts with a sissling and ends with a bang. It does it again as you listen.

You turn in a small circle, thinking, scratching your head.


The rules of this world are simple.

If you haven't played or written interactive fiction then this is what it takes:

The protagonize adventure is suited perfectly for this kind of exercise but of course it's simplified.

For the story to progress, three commands must be given as branch names.i.e Go East, Catch the lizard, destroy the monster for example. Command must of course relate to something that is already in existence in the branch you just wrote or the location you are in.

A location must be named at the beginning of the page.

If you write the branch "Go East" you have the freedom of a new location. (Unless you clicked west to get there of course or you choose a reply like "You can't go that way" ;) Well, things can get confusing but let's not be too rigid in the geography and game world rules.) However if you write the branch "Kill the lizard" you are still in the same location as earlier branch. To start with, you can always change that as you write. that's kind of the point.

There is only one protagonist that must be the one driving the story although other characters can be anywhere. Let's not bother too much with the IF strict rules of characters either. I think this will get confusing enough as it is.

Please stick to the second person present time form as in the intro.



It's getting hot and you are already sticky with the muggy heat. It's time to decide. You take a deep breath, pop another sour key in your mouth and start walking.

The End

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