Lois's Pitstop

Lois stopped her car in front of one of the petrol pumps, muttering her annoyance under her breath about not filling the car up beforehand.  She slipped her sandals on, her pristine pumps sitting on the back seat of the car.  As she filled the car up, she took her phone out when it began ringing.  She sucked in a sharp breath when she saw it was her husband then rejected the call.

"Not now," she muttered as she took the petrol pump out of the car and walked over to the store to pay for the petrol.

The phone buzzed in her handbag again but she ignored it, her lips set in a thin line.  She paid the cashier then returned to her car to continue driving.  The phone lit up as she was sent a text which she read out of the corner of her eye.

'I've found a case with Lydia's name on it.  What's going on?'

Lois gripped the steering wheel and cursed under her breath.  Of course he would find out eventually.  There was just no fooling her husband.  With a scowl, she decided to...

The End

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