...I'll see when I can come."

"I'll try to make it later tonight."  Lois finally said through gritted teeth.  "You'll notice, Dr. Flynn, that I said TRY."  

"You'll try."  Henry confirmed not making any attempt to mask his disappointment.  "When you get here, please have the staff page me.  I'll be waiting for you."  

"I said try, Dr. Flynn."  And with that she unceremoniously hung up the phone.  Lois went back to attending to the evening's supper offering of macaroni and sauce, attempting to focus on her task instead of her troubles.  She  called her hungry brood for their meal, restoring order in the Spencer household and creating enough quiet for her to think - even if it only was for a moment.  

Lydia had never required too much supervision.  Lois supposed that maybe that's why she slipped between the cracks.  It was only recently that she had become a handful, if you could even call her that.  She was home so seldom that Lois barely knew what was going on in Lydia's life.  Dammit, Lois thought.  

She stood from the table without eating and punched her eldest daughter's number into the phone.  

"I need you here in an hour to watch the kids...  Cause I need to go someplace... None of your damn business, just get here...Ok, see you soon."

Lois enlisted her nine year old to clean up the kitchen and set to changing her clothes.  If she was going to Valley Grove to meet with that arrogant, judgemental sounding Dr. Flynn, she sure wasn't going in sweats.  

The End

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