...my mother."

"I just want my mother." Lydia said in a small voice.  Henry had been listening intently from the other side of the steel door while surveying what he assumed would be a deep gash on his chest; he had nothing more than a nick that had long clotted over.  His face softened at her request.  He silently chastised himself.  After all, Lydia was only 18 and after all she had been through, assaulting her psychiatrist with a stolen knife from the kitchen was perhaps not the end of the world. 

Henry buttoned his shirt back up and started towards the nurse's station.  If the girl wanted her mother, then her mother she would get.  He would gladly produce Alex for her, if he could get a straight answer.  In one breath Alex is alive, the next dead - and in some dead by Henry's hands; one moment he was a boyfriend, the next he was an abusive classmate who she didn't much care for.  Perhaps her mother could fill in some blanks.

He flipped through Lydia's chart to find next of kin information, Lois Spencer's telephone number wasn't listed under next of kin but was written hastily on a Post-It note and stuck on the cover page of the chart.  Henry punched the numbers into the phone and listened as the phone whirred into his ear.

"Hello?"  A voice demanded.  The voice sounded like it had spent the better part of it's life exploring the finer qualities of Pall Malls and Jack Daniels.  

 "I am looking to speak with Lois Spencer."


"This is Doctor Henry Flynn calling from Valley Grove Hospital regarding your daughter Lydia.  She's one of my patients and is having a rough go of it lately and is requesting to see you."  

"So, Lydia's decided that she need's me after all." Lois's self satisfaction was palpable. "The question is, Doctor Flynn, why should I even bother?"

The End

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