Lydia's breakdown

With an agonized scream, Lydia dropped to her knees and covered her face, sobbing.

"Alex," she mourned as Henry snatched the knife from the floor "Alex..."

Hands grabbed her arms and dragged her away from Henry.  Her bright green eyes flickered up at the man and she tugged at the people who held her back and screamed.

"No!" she shrieked and struggled against the men who dragged her away kicking and screaming "No!"

All she saw was Henry's cold smirk before she was thrown into her cell.  She didn't know when her arms had been bound in a straight-jacket but frankly, she didn't care.  She curled up and rocked in the corner, the voices coming back to her slowly.  Her eyes watered and she cried out.

"I want...I just want...

The End

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