Drop It

Lydia closed in on Henry.  She wanted with every fiber of her being to plunge that knife deep into his chest.  Her hand curled around the shank as she pinned Henry against the wall and poked the blade against his white oxford shirt.

"Lydia, listen to reason."  Henry whispered as he glanced down at the flesh wound spreading across his monogrammed shirt.  He knew he could easily overpower her. During this psychotic break she was having it was dangerous, but with her wielding the ten inch kitchen knife with was even more dangerous not to.  

"Go to Hell, Henry!"  Lydia screamed.  "You know what you did, and you have to pay."  

Henry sighed deeply he finally put a hand up and wrapped his large hand around Lydia's tiny wrist just to get the Ginsu away from his chest.  His mind raced momentarily to wonder how she even got it in the first place.

"No!  Dammit!  Henry - you killed him and I want you dead."  Lydia tried to fight Henry's bearclaw like grasp.  It was clear to Henry that there was only one way to get this to end the way he wanted it to, and that was go along with this.  

"Ok, but think about it Lydia.  If you kill me then you're no better than me.  An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."  He hoped that Ghandi's wisdom would get through to her.  She considered his words for a moment, chewing on her own lip as she mused.  

Her eyes focused back on the blood stain that had left an impressive rose on Henry's perma-press Brooks Brothers oxford shirt.  She raised a delicate finger with her free hand and touched the stain.  Then, without another word she dropped the knife, sending it clattering to the cement floor beside her bare feet.

The End

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