The Tale of Elizabeth

"It's alright, sweetie," Mr Peck soothed as his daughter cried pitifully into her hands "He wasn't worth your attention."

"But he was so understanding," Elizabeth sobbed and sniffed "I trusted him and he took advantage of my kind nature."

Mrs Peck sighed as she gave her daughter another tissue.

"Now, now, you're only nineteen," she patted Elizabeth's shoulder as she blew her nose "There are plenty of more fish in the sea."

"Exactly, your mother and I didn't find each other straight away and got married," Mr Peck nodded as Elizabeth dabbed the mascara away from her eyes "Some things are just worth having your heart broken over."

"And yes, it will take time to heal the wound," Mrs Peck squeezed Elizabeth's hand comfortingly "But one day, you'll find someone you'll want to settle down with.  It may take years but you're still young.  You still have so much to do before the time you'll feel ready to settle down."

Elizabeth looked at both her parents before getting up to...

The End

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