Dominic lay back on his bed staring up at the ceiling. River hadn't been able to go to dinner but she was going to come over tommorow. That was one thing Dominic struggled with. What to cook? He could cook but he never knew what to cook.

He would take ages staring at different meals in cooking book and still remain puzzled at what to cook. Except this time he knew what he was going to be cooking. A chicken tikka masala that River had 'hinted' about wanting him to cook. Dominic found himself laughing and began planning the menu in his head.

A stater of a sweet but spicy soup then the main course and for desert a rich intoxicating pudding. Dominic could almost taste the flavours on his tongue as he thought of the herbs, spices and other ingrediants he would add into this menu.

Dominic fell asleep with all those tastes on his tongue. No thought to his brother who still wasnt home.


"Kati, we shouldn't" Ryan gasps.

"Why not?" she mumbles.

"One, you're younger than me and barely of age. I should be more responsible. And Two-"

"Oh shut up" Kati interrupts rolling her eyes and kissing Ryan hard on the mouth. "Don't be so strict"

Ryan sighed heavily and let himself go.


When Dominic had waken the next morning and eventually discovered Ryan had be gone all night he panicked. Which made him furious when Ryan tried to sneak in. "Where have you been?!?" Dominic yelled.

"At Kati's" Ryan mumbled.

"Do you know how worried I was when I woke up this morning?" Dominic sighs heavily pushing a hand back through his hair.

"I'm sorry, Dom. I really didn't mean to" Ryan whispers. Dominic shakes his head sighing again.

"Its okay. Just get yourself ready and off to school. You're gonna be late otherwise" Dominic mumbles, heading for the kitchen and grabbing a cooking book 0n his way.

The End

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