Dom's ConfessionMature


River had had a great day in town with Emily. They returned to the mansion, both ready for a rest, and bumped into Dominic.

"River.." Dominic stutters before smiling slightly.

She smiles back. "Dom, this is Emily," she says, gesturing to Emily. Emily smiled and blushed.

 "Have you been hanging out with Tom?"

"Uh..." Dominic face turns sad and slowly serious. He sighs heavily. "We need to talk" he say firmly.

River's brow furrowed.

"We... do?"

She turns to Emily. "Hey, d'you want to wait inside? I won't be too long."

"Um, sure," Emily replies, looking slightly awkward. She runs to the manor and lets herself in, closing the door behind her.

She turns back to Dom

Dominc looks sad. "I don't want you to hate me" he mumbles.

"I could never hate you," she says, laughing. She leans up and kisses him. "I'm intending to fall in love with you." She sticks her tongue out. "Whether you want that or not."

Dominic looks even more in pain. "This isn't a joke, River. I've done something that might be completely unforgivable"

River looks puzzled. "You? But you're a good guy. We ascertained that. Tom approves of you."

Dominic sighs it coming out in stutters as he pushing a hand back through his hair. "Yeah, thats the problem. River... I'm not straight and... Tom is attracted to me and the other day you came round he was over that day at lunch. He kissed me river and today, I... I'm so sorry but I kissed him"

River doesn't understand. "You're ... not straight?" she repeats slowly.

"No" Dominic whispers grasping Rivers wrists looking deep into her eyes. "But I'm in love with you, River. Please, Please dont leave me. I'm sorry and I know I'll have to gain your trust back but please"

Tears fall down his cheeks and his voice is stuttery.

"Did you say that ... Tom... my brother... kissed you?" she asks, scared

Dominic nods silent.

"I tried to stop him but..... I.... No, I shouldn't just blame it on him cause I could of done more to stop this. I should of told you about.. you know... first"

River shakes her head concentrating on what Dominic was saying about Tom.

"Tom ... Tom wouldn't do that. He's not like that. He loves me. He loves John. He would never.... What are you saying?!"

"I wouldn't lie to you, River. Why do you think I'd say this if it wasn't the truth? I don't want to lose you" Dominic says crying

River backs away, horrified. "You're sick! Sick! How ... how can you accuse my brother... of /cheating/? My brother is amazing - he's the loveliest guy I know. Why are you trying to split us up?"

"I wouldn't lie to you, River. Why do you think I'd say this if it wasn't the truth? I don't want to lose you" Dominic says crying

River backs away, horrified. "You're sick! Sick! How ... how can you accuse my brother... of /cheating/? My brother is amazing - he's the loveliest guy I know. Why are you trying to split us up?"

"River, I do. I'm not lying to you" Dominic says crying

"You are! You can't be telling the truth! It's impossible! How dare you?!"

"River," Tom voice murmurs from behind.

Dominic looks defeated and he just stands their crying.

River turned and flung her arms around Tom's neck. "Tom! Oh Tom! Dominic was saying awful things about you - awful things. He said - he said you kissed him. That's just out of line. We should tell him to go. Shouldn't we, Tom?"

Tom shakes his head. "River, he..."

River stared up at him, waiting for the reply.

 Tom looked away in anguish. "He's not lying."


 River sank to her knees and cried harder

"No! This can't be happening! No! No, no, no, no, no!"

Dominic kneels downs and pulls her into his arms. "River, hush"

She pushes him away hard. "Go away! Both of you! Just go away!"

River." Tom crouches down but doesn't touch her. "River, please. Listen to Dominic. He never meant to hurt you. /I'm/ the one who hurt you. Please don't send away your greatest chance at love."

River continues to cry.

Dominic slowly pulls her back into his arms.

She doesn't touch him but nor does she push him away again. "What happened?" she asked. "What happened to the world? What happened to /you/?"

Tom sighed heavily. "I was stupid, River. Stupid and thoughtless. Selfish. Please hate me. I couldn't bear it if you forgave me after the jerk of a brother I've been."

Dominic buries his face in his chest

River looked down at his head.

"Did you say you kissed Tom back?" she whispered.

Dominic blushes. "I kissed him today" he whispers. "Its why I had to tell you"

River slowly withdrew and stood up.

"So ... my heart has been broken /twice/. I've been betrayed by the two people I trusted most in the world." She gazed into space. "Oh," she murmured.

"No, oh please, River. Dont say that"

She looked down at him.

"What? It's true. Can't I speak the truth? You have and Tom has and now I am." She found herself beginning to laugh. "The day of awful truths."

"Oh, River" Dominic whispers crying.

"If I take you back, what does it mean?" she asked him. "Does it mean that I accept that I can't have a perfect boyfriend? Does it mean that I accept that the world is flawed and no one can fix it? Does it mean that I will never find love that is not in some way untainted? What does it mean? What do you want me to sacrifice?"

"I know you cant every forgive me but I promise you River. I will treat you like an Angel and I will never miss use you again"

"An angel," River repeated laughing.

She sat down and pushed Dominic down so he was lying on the ground.

"River" Dominic stutters.

River sat astride him and looked down into his face.

"You broke a part of me, Dominic. I almost want to do something awful to /you/."

"Then you can" Dominic whispers. "If you want that"

River gazed into his eyes.

"You're forgiven," she whispered. And with that she stood up and walked towards the mansion.

"I think that means follow her," Tom murmured, not looking at him. "And mate, if you let her make love to you, I will give you a black eye and break your nose. Understand?"

Dominic nods. "I've not lost my morals" he whispers following River as they head into the house.

River walks straight to her bedroom.

"In. Sit." She points to her bed.

He does as she says and looks at her calmly.

She sits beside him and lies on her front, sighing heavily.

"Why, Dominic?" she whispered. "My soul feels like /ice/."

"I.... it was lust. Not love. I.. I would of given in if I didn't love you and we'd be in a much different situation" Dominic whispers

"Your stupid lust. Every guy's stupid lust. Do you see me panting for you?"

"P-panting?" Dominic stutters

"Well, I know it's not quite that but you don't see me giving into desire every time I see you, do you?"

"I... I don't want to do that to you, River"

"That's good. It's slightly annoying that you wanted to do it to my brother, though."

"No, not that. I don't want to take your purity from you. I... not yet anyway... wait, I... uh, god" he stutters

River rolled her eyes. "You still think I want to take you?"

"No, I, uh, sorry" he looks away embarassed

She laughs. "I never realised you still thought that. No, I like my purity too. Hey, won't you lie beside me, Dom? It's much more comfortable. If you like, you can forget that it's a bed. Imagine it's the ground or something."

Dominic blushes but coughs calming himself down before lying on his back next to her.

"Was the kiss any good?" River asks quietly.

Dominic stutter. "What? I...... Compared to what?" he finishes

"No, compared to nothing. Sometimes I've wondered what it's like to be in love with Tom. Of course I'll never wonder again now that he's betrayed me but ... yeah... Sometimes I thought it would just be me and him forever."

"It was....." he sighs heavily. "I don't know all my mind could think about was that I was betraying you if I felt anything. I.. I tried to stop Tom. Remind him of you and John but.. lust is a powerful thing"

"If you say so. Can't say /i've/ ever felt it." River looked at Dom and frowned. "Why did I forgive you, Dom?"

Dom looks deep into her eyes. "I'm not quite sure. If you loved me... it could be that?"

River smiled. "Yeah, it could be."

Dominic suddenly kisses her strongly.

"Whoa," River says, drawing back. She laughed. "Easy, you."

Dominic takes her hand and places it over his racing heart. "Only you keep this alive at the moment, River. It may sound serious but... I love you, River Fleusie”

River looked away. "Yeah, it's sweet and I'm touched by the sentiment but ... I've hardened, Dominic. It'll be difficult to fall completely in love with you. I hope you understand."

Dominic looks pained but nods. "I think I should go" he chokes out trying to sit up.

She shakes her head. "I don't; Dom, please. If you leave, I ... I don't know what I'll do. Can't you just hold me for a few moments?"

Dominic looks in pain. "I don't think you realise, River. I know this is hard for you to except but its hard for me also. I have this strong passionate love for you weighed down by this heavy guilt from betraying you. Its ripping me apart being this close to you right now"

She sighed. "Okay. Leave if it's what you /really/ want. I'll try not to hurt myself in the meantime."

"I'll stay if you wish it of me" Dominic whispers.

"I don't want to hurt /you/," she replies, shrugging. "But yeah, I'd really love it if you stayed. I ... I feel so out of control right now, Dominic."

Dominic pulls her into his arms. "Is their anything wrong about being out of control?" he asks.

"Yeah, actually. I was thinking about hurting myself. Like with a knife." She blushes and looks away.

"Well, not that way but some times being out control in another way can bring happiness" he whispers in her ear

She shivers. "Oh, Dom," she says, sighing

He smiles slightly and kisses her strongly.

She relaxes and lets him overpower her a little. She begins to forget her distress and the ordeals of the day.

Dominic rolls them so she is beneath him. He kisses her more strongly.

she opens her eyes and looks up into his. her brow is slightly furrowed.

"Don't you like it?" he asks calmly.

"I do but..." She sighed. "It's almost too fantastic to believe you'll kiss me like this without taking it further."

"Whatever you want" Dominic whispers.

"Don't say that," she says, blushing. "Don't you say that."

"Whats wrong with that?" he asks calmly

"It makes me feel free to want /anything/. And that scares me."

"You are free to want anything" Dominic replies calmly.

She blushes more deeply. "No! No, Dominic! No."

"I'm not saying you should want it but you can" Dominic whispers looking slightly submissive in his eyes but being also protective of her.

"I don't think I should either. And I know I'm allowed to feel it, I just don't want to be desperate to act on it."

"I wouldn't call it desperate" Dominic whispers

She shakes her head. "desperate was the wrong word. I don't want to act on it full stop. But you do make me feel that way. That's why i let you kiss me with such passion."

Dominic looks deep into her eyes. "Whatever you want" he whispers repeating what he first said.

"Well, like I said, I want to stop myself from going too far." She nods fervently to emphasise her point

He shrugs and kisses her again. His thumbs hook through the belt holes of her jeans pulling her body up, closer to his.

She looks reluctant but pushes him away slightly.

"Let's stop now."

"Why?" he asks looking at her calmly. "Dont you like it?"

"I do but ... it's a bit too much. Dom, ... I'm not ready. Not really."

He pulls away completely sitting up. "Okay" he says pulling down the edge of his shirt that had rode up his chest

She sighed. "Thank you."

He stands up stretching, slight view of his muscular built chest coming into view. "Wanna go grab a bite to eat?"

"Um, Dom, I've just got home from a daytrip. I'm a bit tired."

"Grabbing a bite to eat is hardly tiering" he mumbles. "I guess I'll take this home then?" he says pulling a bracelet box out of his back pocket.

"What's that?" she asks, curious.

"Just a gift I was gonna give you at dinner but I guess since we arent going to dinner it will have to come home with me" he sighs.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Look, my parents will be back soon. Maybe we can arrange this with them. They'd get kind of worried if I just disappeared off to lunch, you know."

"Its okay" he says with a smile and hands her the box. Inside is a silver chain bracelet with small little jems encrusted into the chain every now and then.

"Wow," she whispered. "It's gorgeous."

"Yeah" he says smiling.

"What kind of gems are these?"

Dominic smiles. "They're girls best friend" he whispers in her ears sweetly

"Wow," she repeated. She stares at them. She looks back up at Dominic. "Will you put it on me?"

He smiles and gently fastens the bracelet round her wrist. He then kisses her lips lightly before just merely staring deep into her eyes

She chuckles lightly, looking away.

"You'll hypnotise me, mister."

He turns her face back gently and kisses her again more strongly.

She pulls back. "Dom," she laughs. "Enough."

Dominic stares at her deeply and kisses her again pushing her down onto the bed. Waves of desire will overwhelm her.

River sighs heavily and finally lets go of herself a little.

Dominic moans his hand slipping under her shirt. His kisses becoming heavy and intoxicating. He presses his body to hers and almost over powers her.

Tom knocks on River's bedroom door. "River, Mum's home."

Dominic bolts up, gasping for breath. He looks at River whose lying their with slightly messy hair and her shirt no longer covering her belly. He bursts out laughing.

"What?" she mumbles. Tom knocks harder. "River... Why is Dominic in there?"

"Oh, it's okay," she calls. "He's not being bad."

"I hope not."

Tom can be heard to be walking away

"Why were you laughing?" she asks, puzzled.

Dominic smirks raising an eyebrow. "You don't understand how ruffled up you look, my little princess. Then the pout that calm onto your lips when I pulled away was priceless"

"Oh, thanks!" She throws a pillow at him.

He catches it laughing. He throws it away and pins down her wrists. He kisses her quickly before taking her hand and getting them both to their feet. "Come on, lets go ask if I can take you to dinner"

"Maybe I don't want to now," she says, sticking her tongue out

He raises an eyebrow. "Fine, I won't get you a gift ever again"

SHe looks horrified. "No! Don't take me seriously! Please." She kisses him desperately. "Don't say that. I love you!" The words are out before she can stop them and she stands there looking surprised, her hands covering her mouth.

He stares as well before slowly smiling and pulling her into his arms kissing her strongly on the mouth.

She pulls back and buries her face in his chst instead.

"River? Look at me please. Seriously, thats the greatest thing in the world" he says trying to get her attention, pleading for the sight of her face.

"Yeah but ... what if i'm just saying that. What if I don't mean it at all."

"River.... I don't care. As long as you allow me to hold you in my arms you can tell me anything" he whispers softly

She looks up slowly. "You mean that?"

Dominic nods calmly. He kisses her quickly. "Now, come on. Lets go ask your mum if your allowed to come to dinner"

She nods and hurries out, Dominic following her


The End

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