Dominic's temptationMature

Dominic couldn't relax the next day. Yesterday had put a heavy weight on his shoulders and it was wearing him down. So much that he didn't look up from his hot chocolate when Ryan came home at lunch time with Kati gripping his hand. "Bro, you okay?"

Dominic jumped and looked up. "Oh, sorry, just a bit dazed" he mumbled putting down his cup and stretching. He was more than a bit dazed. It had taken all of his will yesterday to stop himself from submitting to Tom. The only thing that stopped him was his forming love for River. It wasn't lust for Dominic what he felt for River. Lust is what he had felt when Tom embraced him trying to seduce him.

"Yeah, huh?" Ryan questioned raising an eyebrow. He then looked back at Kati. "He won't bite"

Kati glared at Ryan pouting. "I know that. Hi, Dominic"

"Kati, I guess" Dominic smiles. Kati nods and just looks up at Ryan before back to Dominic.

"I hope you wont mind me stealing Ryan a lot" she says with a giggle. "The way he talks about you its obvious you're close"

Dominic smiles looking at Ryan. "You've found a good girl here, Ryan" he says before looking back at Kati. "Of course I don't mind. Besides I do have a girl of my own"

"Oh, yes" Kati said with a smile looking at Ryan. "Ryan told me about her. In his year isn't she?"

"Yeah" Dominic whispers letting waves of guilt sweep over him but keeping it clean of his face. He should of stopped Tom sooner. Was he really going to break up with John? He couldn't. Dominic wouldn't be able to face the guilt. He hoped Tom would stick at it for the sake of both of them.

"Well we were just popping over to say 'hi'. We'll get back to school now. I barely got permission to bring Kati out of school" Ryan says slipping his arms round Kati's waist. Dominic watched them go with wanting eyes. Why couldn't things be as simple for him?

Why not him?


Dominic was hoping she was home. He needed to see River. He hadn't spoken to her last night cause he had to go and deal with some guitat delivery. He was hoping he could make it up to her today. She just had to be at home and free. Dominic rang the door bell and shivered.

He shoved his hands into his pockets. It was flipping cold today. The door swung open and Dominic's heart almost stopped. Tom held the door open with one hand and looked up at Dominic. Tom's face became a mixture of horror and surprise.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I.. I was gonna ask your sister if she wanted to go and grab a bite to eat" Dominic whispered his voice calm after his brief hesitation. "Is she home?"

Tom shook his head. "No. I..." Tom also hesitated. "I'm home alone"

Dominic blushes looking away. "I guess I'll just walk home. Sorry to bother you" he mutters turning on his heels.

"Wait!" Tom called, but when Dominic turned he looked guilty. In his eyes, though, there was longing and something like implore.

"Would you ... maybe like a drink?"

Dominic sighs heavily. "Just one drink" he whispers heading inside. He shrugs off his leather jacket once inside. He's wearing a loose shirt but its slightly short and his jeans allow a slight bit of his hip bone to show.

Tom tries not to look as he closes the door behind Dom and leads him to the kitchen. "So, d'you want tea? Coffee? Beer?"

Tom stares open-mouthed. When Dominic realises, he hurriedly fetches two cans of beer out of the fridge.

"Let's go to the games room," he suggests, trying not to look at Dominic too much. Dominic nods and follows him to the games room.

What am I doing? Dominic thinks to himself as he sits down on the couch opening his beer. He sighs heavily.

The End

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