Alone with DominicMature

River walked straight from school to the store, eager to see Dominic. Tom arranged a time to pick her up. River was very excited because she was actually going to be alone with Dominic - Ryan and Kati were hanging out somewhere else.

She entered the shop, imagining that the bell was ringing happily at the reunion of this magnificent pair.

To River’s surprise, Dominic appeared not to be in the shop.

"Dominic?" she called out, confused. According to the sign on the door, the store had not yet closed.

Dominic came down the stairs connecting the shop to his apartment. He stepped into the shop, hesitating before smiling.

"Oh, hey, I was just about to close up."

River smiled. "Oh, really? That's fantastic." She walked up to him and hugged him affectionately. "Means no one will interrupt us."

Dominic hugged back but then moved to lock the door and flip the sign.

"Let’s head upstairs. Drink?"

River nodded, grinning: enthused by the prospect of seeing Dominic’s apartment.

"So, how many customers did you have today? Did anyone visit you?"

"Not too many," Dominic said, taking her hand and leading her upstairs. He gestured for her to sit on the sofa and went to the kitchen to do the drinks. River waited slightly restlessly, more interested in spending time with Dominic than merest drinks.

He returned, handing her a strawberry milkshake and sitting down next to her. River took a small sip, smiling at the taste and then placed the cup on the nearest table, moved onto Dominic's lap and rested her head against him.

"What d'you want to do?" she asked, feeling theslightesttwinge of discomfort at the thought that that question really gave her no protection.

"What do you want to do?"

River looked up into his eyes and very seriously said, "Whateveryouwant to do." She took his hand and placed it on her hip. "What were you going to do yesterday?" she whispered.

Dominic blushed.

"Well...." He leant down and kissed her strongly.

Her eyes flickered closed and she kissed back, balancing herself by putting one arm onto his shoulder. She was surprised at how naturally the response from her came. It was as though she had known how to do this all her life.

Dominic slowly pushed her down onto the sofa beneath his body. River didn’t feel afraid. Instead she felt even more excited. She knew that at some point, it might get too much and she’d have to say no, but for now it was just pleasant.

She drew back from the kiss and looked up into Dominic’s eyes.

"Why does this feel so amazing?" she whispered wonderingly.

"Because it is" he whispers kissing her again and holding himself over her. His hand moved upwards from her waist beneath her shirt.

River looked at the location of his hand and bit her lip, considering.

"I... I wouldn't be silly to say no?" she asked worriedly, not daring to meet his gaze.

"Oh, sorry, too much" Dominic said, pulling his hand away. He bit his lip.

"No, no," she said hastily. "I'm sorry. I don't know the normal pace of these things. I'm sure it would have been fun. But ... you know... it was maybe a bit too far down the line." She blushed, still not looking at him.

He sat up.

"Sorry," he whispered again, taking a sip of his drink

She gazed up at him.

"I really like you, Dominic," she confessed. "But I'm a bit worried that I more like you for what you do to me than for who you are. But I don't know how to rectify that when I just want to kiss you all the time."

"Kissing is a sign of love so you must love something about me," Dominic whispered.

River chuckled. "Maybe that's just your gorgeousness, though."

He smirked and pulled her close.

"Why not just relax and go with the flow? I won’t pull you too far off course."

River's muscles relaxed involuntarily and she felt her expression become one of longing.

"Okay," she said, sighing heavily. She then teased him, saying, "I trust my innocence with you, mister, so you had better not take advantage of my adoration of your passion."

He smiled and returned to his passionate kissing. River moaned when the pleasure was almost too much and allowed Dominic to do what he wanted, trusting him almost completely. Soon it became like one glorious dream, from which she never wanted to wake up.

Who could have dreamt that having a boyfriend would be like this?


The End

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