No SleepMature

When Dominic arrived home Ryan wasn't there and there was a note on the table saying he had gone to walk Kati home. Dominic was happy for his brother. This was Ryan's first serious relationship and Dominic wished him all the best. He also hoped Ryan wouldn't go too quick as well.

Ryan didn't have the same beliefs in being chaste as Dominic but his brother had told him to be wary. Dominic sighed heavily. His body felt heavy. Why was he feeling so drained? Was is from all the kissing? No, that would of left Dominic in a daze. He would of wandered the house and gotten ready for bed before realising he couldnt sleep. At that pointed he'd sit up and begin to play his guitar.

That was what it was like for him with Mary and with Alex. Maybe it was because Tom had been on his mind. That probably was it. He'd never felt so worried about something. He was scared River would catch on or he'd slip up sometime around Tom.

No one had knew about him and Alex. It was their secret and they didn't feel like they could admit to the world how they felt. Then Alex and him seperated and that was it.

Dominic heard the door slam shut and Ryan came in to find his brother with his face in his hands. "Are you okay?"

Dominic's head shot up alert then slowly he relaxed at the sight of his brother. "Yeah, I'm fine" he sighed.

"You don't look fine" Ryan questions. "I'd thought you'd be happy having spent the evening with River but you seem a sad as the time you had to leave Mary and Alex"

Yes, Dominic had been sad about that. Alex had remained his friend and Mary had become his everything before he had to leave. He had dated her before he was with Alex as well but then she'd confessed she wasnt ready for a relationship. It had worked out in the end and then it all crumbled.

"Do I?" Dominic whispers. "I suppose I do"

"Are you sure you're okay?" Ryan whispers. Dominic looks up at him with a smile.

"I'll be fine in the morning. I'm gonna head to bed" Dominic gets to his feet leaving Ryan in the living room. He heads for the bathroom and once in there removes his shirt. Switching on the tap he splashes the cold water onto his face before looking up into the mirror. "Why is this effecting me so much?"

Dominic shakes his head and brushes his teeth before heading to his room. He removes his jeans and slips beneath the covers of his double bed. Lights off he can barely see anything aroound him but hears his brother out in the living room. Dominic forces his eyes closed. Sleep, he commands himself but it doesnt come and he remains awake most of the night till he passes out from sheer exhaustion.

The End

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