Ryan held Kati to him as they kissed passionately on his bed. Suddenly she pulled away a look of caution on her face. "You sure your brother isn't coming home till late" she pressured. Ryan sighed. They'd been over this a million times.

"Yes" Ryan moaned kissing up along her jaw. "Now, will you stop asking?" He nuzzled her neck his grip tightening slightly on Kati's hip. She was feeling all sorts of emotions but she really didn't want to get suddenly interupted and embarassed by Ryan's brother.

"Aren't we going a bit fast as well?" she whispered feeling her eyelids becoming heavy as Ryan kissed up her neck. He propped himself up on his hands hovering abover her and looking at her with worried eyes.

"Do you want me to slow down?" he asks. "I don't mind if you do but I though-" Kati pressed a finger to his lips silencing him. She shook her head and pulled her finger away. She let an arm slip round the back of his neck pulling his head back down for a kiss.

"We're only showing our affection for each other" her breath warm against his cheek as she whispers it in his ear. She then moves to continue kissing him. She lets him sweep her off her feet and leave her breathless again and again.


Descending the stairs Dominic was led by River into the kitchen. Each moment was hard on him. He could not get that convorsation with Tom out of his head. What was wrong with him? If he looked at it closely there was nothing Tom could provide which River couldn't. Maybe it was just the desire to be with a guy. An attraction.

Dominic really hoped he hadn't crushed on River's brother. He wanted to be with River but that didn't stop him from being attracted to Tom. Dominic forces the thoughts from his mind as he spots a women turning to face them.

"Oh hey, you must be Dominic" the women exclaims heading over to shake his hand. "I'm River's mother. Call me Jane"

"Nice to meet you Jane" Dominic says shaking Jane's hand removing his arm from round River's waist.

"Right, dinner will be ready soon. Why don't you and Dominic sit down at the table, dear?" Jane asks, directing her question towards River.

"Sure," she says happily, pulling Dominic away who has fallen back into his deep thoughts.

Once in the dining room, River began looking nervous as they slowly sat down next to each other. "I think she's going to ask you lots of questions during the meal. Just ... be yourself, okay." She smiled. "Your lovely self."

Dominic smirks being yanked from his thoughts. What was he doing? He had a chance with River. Something true. She was like a star, bright and pure shining in the nights sky. He leans in. "How will I be able to act calm with you making my heart race?" he whispers into her ear letting his arms slip around her waist. Dominic pulls her closer to him almost pulling her off the edge of her chair.

She shivers. "I don't know. Maybe you should get rid of that energy now." She then looked at Dominic with a vaguely suprised face. He couldn't be certain why.

His eyes flick around before he tilts her face up pressing his lips softly to hers. He pulls away quite soon. "Hmm" he whispers his forehead resting against hers. "I don't think thats help. If I'm honest it makes me more energized. Its like I've been ignited in the very depths of my soul"

"Wow," River whispers she moving onto his lap. "Well, I'm feeling quite fluttery too. And ... that kiss wasn't long enough." Dominic watches with a smile as she tilts her head to the side. "Will it be so bad if we kiss for a little longer?"

"Your mother is next door" he whispers nipping her earlobe. "Might be a slight bad idea. Unless you wanna get caught?" He raises his eyebrow and looks at her questioning. One of his hands sneaking along the outside of her thigh.

She gazes helplessly into his eyes.

"I - I don't. But..." In a quick action, she moves his hand to her hip and holds it there. She casts her eyes downward, breathing heavy, cheeks a little flushed.He blushes back and sort of looks away ashamed.

"Sorry" Dominic whispers, nuzzling her neck softly

"Why are you sorry? Wasn't that where you wanted to go?" she whispers blushing more deeply. "I'm sorry. I don't know how this works. I was trying to encourage you - not stop you."

"You're embarassed though, arent you?" he asks looking up into her eyes. "Also, I don't want to seem too forward. We barely know each other. We arent even dating"

She looks intently into his eyes. "I'm only embarrassed because I've never been forward before. I ... I want you to show me, though. What love is, and all that." She pauses quickly kissing him on the lips. "And we are dating. Well, ... I thought we were." She ducks her head down, blushing again making Dominic think about how innocent this girl is. Will he really be able to protect her? He hadnt been with someone in a long time and keeping up his chaste before marriage was hard. He knew that, especially in a relationship. "Unless, that is, ... you don't want to."

Dominic tilts her face back up. Was he sure about this? He didn't know right now. He'd never met someone like River. Someone who was so forward without meaning to and so pure. He leans in pressing his lips to hers. "If you want it then I guess theres nothing stopping us" he whispers softly with a smile.

She smiles back, though it's faintly as Dominic pulls her quickly into the kiss. He felt her arms wrapping around his neck and her pressing her lips to his, kissing back.

The End

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