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Ryan didnt see River at lunch but did in lesson. She seemed to want to talk to him but the moment they got out of class Kati appeared. "Hey!" she sang jumping before him looking like an angel to Ryan's eyes.

"Hi" he whispers pulling her into a hug smelling the scent of strawberry in her hair. She pulled away blushing and her movements were cautious.

"Ready to go?" she asks. Ryan nods trying to work this complicated girl out. They turned and headed down the hall. River was watching with a look of disapointment and longing. Ryan didn't think on it long cause a small hand soon was clasping his and a delicate frame pressed closer to his side. He looked down at Kati with amazement but also slight joy.

She smiled up at him and tugged at his hand gesturing to the gate. He returned her smile and pulled her closer as they headed out of school. They began to talk Ryan only stopping once to text River his brothers number.

He also couldnt help but laugh slightly. He knew this was coming and he was hoping that maybe this time it would be the right one for his brother.


Dominic lay on his bed hands tucked behind his head. He'd already got a text from River and they'd agreed to meet outside the school gates tommorow and head over to her house together. Strangely, Dominic was now worried about seeing this girl. Her brother, Tom, finding him attractive had ignited a flame that had not burned for a long time.

Mary was the only girl Dominic had ever been out with but there had been Alex. He had happened during sixth form. An adventure slightly. No, Dominic couldn't call it that. It was a relationship like no other. A step away from the normal straight line Dominic had been on. Alex was new, he was full of life and knew him from primary. They'd been friends for years and Dominic had never judge him on his sexuality. Then there was that night they kissed.

He was staying at Alex's house for a revision night. Well, they were meant to be doing revision but got side tracked by a new action film. Thats when it happened. Dominic had been deep in the story line of the film when Alex had pushed him back against the couch and pressed his lips firmly on Dominic's. At first all Dominic could do was remain still but when Alex pulled back he felt a strange stir within him. He knew then of course.

He was attracted to girls, yes, but... Alex had opened a new world to him. They never went too far. Even then chaste was important to Dominic. No one knew about him and Alex. They were only friends to everyone else but to each other much more.

Dominic sighs and buried his face in a pillow. He hadn't thought about Alex for years or his attraction but Tom. Dammit, he had to go and bring it back for him. Even loving River... well, even with his affection for River he knew that now he was starting to feel a slight attraction to Tom. Only physical but that didn't stop it from being there.

He wanted to be with River more than physically but his needs for something she couldn't provide he knew wouldn't go away. "What am I doing?" Dominic whispers.


"That was hilarious" Kati laughed throwing her head back. Ryan couldn't take his eyes off her. Her laugh was glorious and as Kati looked into his eyes Ryan found himself thinking, I could love this girl.

"Do you want me to walk you home?" Ryan replied turning serious. As Kati looked into his eyes with what he hoped was affection he offered his hand. Their fingers intwined and they walked hand in hand almost like a proper couple but Kati looked at the floor with a blush on her cheeks. "You okay?"

"Yeah, its just..." she whispered pushing back a strand of hair.


She looked up into Ryan's which hold her and make her whole body relax. "I think I like you, Ryan. More than just a friend I mean but... is it too soon?" she asks gently. Ryan stops and turns to her craddling her face between his hands.

"Well, I like you in that way too" he whispers. A smile breaks out on her face. "How about I do this properly, eh?" She nods quickly. "Kati, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Of course" she whispers blushing. Ryan smiles and kisses her cheek softly. Kati being adventurous forces his face to look at her and crushes her lips to his. Ryan gasps slightly before kissing her back letting his arms wrap round her waist. While hers wrap round his neck loosely.

The End

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