Dominic woke up late and rushed to open up to find a punk girl at the door tapping her foot. "Took you long enough" she snaps.

"Sorry" he replied with a tilt of his head and a embarassed smile. "Forgot to set my alarm"

The girls eyes ran over this boy in front of her. She could tell he'd only got up from the messy bed head he had. Even with that though she found herself in awe of this gorgeous boy in front of her. She twirled a strand of her blood red hair round her finger. "Oh, no worries. Everyone has those days" she says waving her hand.

"Well, come in" Dominic says with a bright smile opening the door wide for her. She blushes and steps through. This man is impossible, she thought to herself, gorgeous and polite.

"I'm looking for a Luna Andromeda Dragon Bass guitar" she says looking up at him in a flirtatious manor.

"Hmm" a frown set across Dominic's face. "I'm not sure if we have one of those in actually. I have the Phoenix one not the Dragon. I could order you it in though but that would mean a deposit to be payed now"

"Oh, I don't mind"

"Good, I'll just-" the doorbell jiggles as it opens and Dominic looks over. He stops in his movement taking in the fact River is once again in his shop. "One minute, River.  Deposit will be £120" he tells the punk girl as he swings himself over the counter.

"Uh, sure" she says narrowing her eyes at River befor turning to face Dominic. She leans forward slightly as she gets out her money which flashes a bit of cleavage in Dominic's direction. He winces and turns his eyes down to the form spinning it round for her to sign once he's wrote in all the details. She does placing the money on the counter. "And my number as well" she whispers gesturing the piece of paper on top. She turns and walks out passing River and... a young gentalman.

Dominic shakes his head. Ryan said she didn't have a boyfriend, he tells himself sternly. "How may I help you?" he asks leaning forward on the counter. As he looks at her his eyes show a sign of some deep emotion. That look that makes you feel like you could tell the person all your worries and they'd take you into your arms and hold you tight.

"Hey, I... er... wanted to see you" she says with a blush that makes Dominic's heart skip a beat. It makes a picture form in his head of him wanting to hold her close and never let go.

"Its nice for someone to pop by" he say finally looking at the young man. "Whose this?"

"He's my bother - Tom"

The young man walks forward holding out his hand. Dominic stares for a moment before shaking firmly. "Do you want anything to drink?" he asks returning his gaze to River.

"What d'you have?" she asks. Dominic can't help but feel like as she replies he's looking at a gentle doll but one thats living and breathing and needs to be cared for with a gentle touch, a warming embrace.

"To be honest I let Ryan do all the shopping" he tells her scratching the back of his head nervously before leaning on the counter with both hands. "I think we have coke, apple juice, tea and stuff to make a milkshake." Dominic smiles. "My speciality"

"Oo, I think I'll taste one of those then"

"Me too" Tom add seeming amused towards his sister before blushing. "That is if your offering"

"Of course" Dominic replies with a curt nod. He jumps the counter and locks the door putting on the 'be back in 1 minute' sigh that Ryan got him as a jokey present last christmas. "Upstairs then" he says opening the door to the stairs up to the apartment. He also cant keep his eyes off River. He's like a boy at the window of a candy shop wanting all the sweets but knowing he can't have everything he wants. Dominic almost blushes but holds it back.

He doesn't really want to blush in front of her brother that would seem like he's thinking of something wrong. Even though he's only thinking about wanting to hold River at night. About wanting to kiss away tears she cries even if they be ones of joy.

The End

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