My brother likes youMature

Dominic couldn't stop thinking about that girl for the rest of the day. He didn't know what is was about her. Was it her smile? Dominic loved a girl with a nice smile. A girl that could just lift your spirits with that simply gesture. A warm hearted girl. Dominic found his mind trailing off and his brother from across the room looked up from his studying.

"Why are you suddenly playing like when you serenaded to Mary?"

Dominic looks at his brother then down at his now stilled fingers. "Was I?" he asks confused. Ryan nods rolling his eyes. His brother often trailed off in his thoughts and strangely his music turned into the emotion he was feeling.

"Yes" Ryan says returning to his Biology book. "Think about her or something?"

"Or something..." Dominic mumbled trailing off.

"Another girl?"

"Yeah, that River girl that came with you here earlier..... do you know if... if she has a boyfriend?" Dominic asks calmly. It did no good. Ryan was now staring at him gawking.

"You have a crush on a girl in my class?!" he shouted shocked. Dominic winced and began to play a soothing song.

"I was only asking.... don't you like anyone yet?" Dominic asks looking at his brother. A blush rises on to Ryan's cheeks and he begins to stutter making his brother smile.

"T-that's not the point. River's three years younger than you and barely of age!" Ryan said flinging his hands wide. Dominic winced. "Oh, sorry" Ryan knew how his brother felt about sex and they didn't often touch the subject unless for some bonding... okay, unless for a bit of awkward conversation. They rarely went near it unless they had to.

"Doesn't matter" Dominic sighs beginning to play a soft tune which Ryan could tell was also sad. He rolls his eyes also sighing.



"She doesn't have a boyfriend" Ryan tells his brother firmly. He then gets up gathering together his stuff not wanting to deal with more question. He gets on his bed returning to his studying when a text comes through from Kati. His heart picks up and he opens it.

'Just wondering if you wanted to go to that bistro after school tommoz,
                                                                                                                                                   Kati x'

A smile forms on Ryan's face and he texts back quickly. When looking at it he changes it slightly to not sound so eager.

'Love too, see you then  Ryan x'

Then with another, probably slightly stupid thought, he texts River.

'I think my brother may have the hots for you ;)
    Do you return his feelings???  Ryan'

The End

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