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Dominic Blaze hadn't expected many visits today but strangly at 9:30 when he opened up shop a guy was already outside. He had soon left with Yamaha AE500. Dominic prefered a Gibson 1942 J-45 Legend Acostic Guitar. That's the guitar that he's had since he got his hands on one. The only other people he allows to touch it are his brother and experienced guitarist who he has to have known for at least a week in advanced.

Yes, he was that protective of his guitar. The sun was shining brightly through the window when the door swung open but Dominic didn't look up. He was deep into an almost hypnotic melody he had been working one. He was even almost putting himself to sleep the way his eyes were closed his head tilted down as he played.

"Dom!" Ryan shouted. It was the only way to get his brothers attention in such a time. Dominic looked up and at the sight of his brother he smiled.

"Well, well, skipping school, little bro?" Dominic joked.

"Of course not" Ryan said with another roll of his eyes. He was so use to his brothers teasing and they both knew he meant no harm by it. He gestured to River at his side. "This is River"

Her eyes were wide looking at Dominic and her mouth hanging open slightly in shock but at the mention of her name she snapped her mouth shut. She then lowered her eyes to the floor with a blush touching her cheeks. Dominic smiled at her. "Nice to meet you, River"

"Thanks," she said, flushing more deeply. "What's your name?" She kept her eyes averted, which both the brothers found odd.

"Tut tut, brother" Dominic teased. "To not even tell the lady the name of the guy you're taking her to see"

Ryan smirked. "Opps, must of slipt my mind" he said. "Seems you haven't made a strong impression"

Dominic chuckled standing up and putting his guitar on its seperate rack at the back. He moves round to the front of the counter leaning back against it. "My name's Dominic or Dom or Nick for short. I answer to any" he says with a smile. When Dominic smiled his head always tilted slightly to the right and the warmth of the smile always made you feel better. Ryan had tried for years now to know how he did it but he could just never get it.

River looked up and watched him. A slow smile spread across her face in response to his.

"Nick," she said, sounding very much like she was tasting the sound of the name on her tongue like one would taste out a new food allowing the flavours to settle before coming to a desision whether you liked it or not. Her smile broadened and she seemed to come alive. "Nick. It's nice to meet you, Nick. I'm in your brother's year at school. I invited him around at the weekend - would he able to come?"

"We were planning to go to the park this weekend" Dominic replied with a tilt of his head. Ryan though was panicking. It had been a while since anyone had called him Nick and the last person had been his old best friend Mary. Ryan didn't know if his brother was ready for someone to use Mary's nickname for him.

"Oh, okay then. Perhaps another time." She gazed at him for a few seconds too long and looked away again. "So, you run this store?" she asked, looking around at the instruments and music books in the shop.

"Yeah" Dominic says. He looks around a bit slightly proud. Anyone can tell he's at comfort here and no one could change that. This is his teritory and no one can stand up to him here.

"I'm getting a drink" Ryan mumbles heading into the back.

"Have you ever played a guitar?" Dominic asks with interest coming to stand behind River as she looks at the guitars.

She jumps at the sounds of his voice and shakes her head. Slowly she turns, very carefully. She looks up into his eyes, and her own widen slightly, perhaps with awe, perhaps with vulnerability. Or perhaps she's always that awed or vulnerable because there's something ... clear about her gaze. She seems one untainted by the wickedness of the world, immune to its infections. Dominic finds himself captured.

He lifts up a hand as if to touch her face but then Ryan's returning footsteps are heard. Dominic pulls away his hand heading back towards the counter. Ryan swings into the room a bottle of water in his grasp. "Shouldn't we be heading back to school?" he asks River.

She glances at her watch, which is light pink with pictures of bunnies on the face. Dominic can't be sure but he thinks her breathing rate has increased slightly. The thought of this makes him fall deep into thought.

"Oh, we could stay for another five minutes." She glances up at Ryan. "What do you want to do?"

"I don't want to make a bad impression on the first day so can we head off?" Ryan says leaving first. As River's about to leave Dominic holds out a card.

"My number if you wanna call" he says calmly. She takes it, smiling shyly. She then follows Ryan out of the door. Dominic finds his eyes following her and frowns. What the hell? He thinks to himself.

The End

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