Yet another new SchoolMature

"I don't wanna go" Ryan groaned as he heaved his backpack up onto his back. Dominic looked at him with a raised eyebrow which only resulted in Ryan giving him the puppy eyes. "Please can't I just be home schooled"

Dominic sighed heavily. "I have to work, Ry, you know that" he muttered handing Ryan his spare helmet. "Now, come on before you're truly late"

"Why can't we just get by on the money we got?" Ryan pleaded as the left through the shop front. He almost glared at his brother as he locked the door.

"Its not gonna last forever, Ry" Dominic replied slowly with a sigh. "Beside, maybe you'll get better grade than me and I'll be pleading off you"

As Dominic laughed his brother rolled his eyes. "As if. All you have to do is call that dude up and you'll be modelling in new york" Ryan said. Dominic stradled his bike and Ryan got on behind him.

"Ry, you do know looks aint everything right?"

"Yeah, yeah" Ryan said waving his hands before pulling his legs up and gripping the seat tightly. "I hate school"


Ryan loved studying but school? No, he hated it. He'd only recently conviced his brother to drop him round the corner on the first day so the questions about his brother wouldn't overwhelm him on the first day.

Although, but of course, someone had to see him. A girl with little blond curls about a year younger than Ryan came racing over. "Who was that guy on the motorbike?" she asks as she jumped in front of him. Ryan froze then forced his body to relax.

"My brother" Ryan slowly replied.

"Wow" she whispered. "Your brother hot"

Ryan sighed. He was once again defeated by his brother. Why did girls always like his brother and not him? "I know" Ryan grumbled.

"My name's Kati" she says holding out her hand. Ryan was shocked. Never once had they offered friendship after discovering his brother. She took the girls hand and shook it with a smile.


Kati smiled. "See you at lunch, Ryan" she whispered then raced off leaving Ryan himself completely dazed.

The End

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