The Blaze BoysMature

The sunlight glinted in through the window of the guitar store. Ryan stops his spinning staring out the window in longing. His muddy green eyes glint in the light seeming to reflect leaves scattered across mud. Its a lovely day, Ryan thinks to himself. He sighs annoyed at the fact he's couped up here. He has his reasons of course. His brother made a deal with him that if Ryan minded the shop today he'd go fetch him a new xbox 360.

And while Ryan was here seperated from the lovely sunny day his brother was getting a new xbox 360. Ryan pulled down a guitar and let his fingers begin to pluck a simple tune. He rarely did this feeling very inferior to his brother who has been playing since he could pick up a guitar. He, himself, had only started at 11 and was way behind his brother. Ryan always felt below his brother. Yes, he has the adorable looks but unlike his brother he was desired. Although, there was that time... No! Ryan wasn't allowed to think of back then. Not that time. That was the past and this is the present, Ryan thinks to himself angrily.

It was that moment that Dominic Blaze glided in. You wouldn't expect to see a guy like Dominic everyday. He was gorgeous and no way can anyone says he's not. He was the guy who could sweep you off your feet with a look. The sort of guy to make a girl faint with a wink. That's not all, he was a charmer. This clashing with his bad boy style made a deadly combination and made him totally irresistable. Put him with a guitar or a motorbike you had Dominic Blaze, the desirable, bad boy..... gentleman?

It was one of two things you wouldn't know about the eldest of the two Blaze Brothers at first sight. The second being he had never had a girlfriend. Yes, Dominic Blaze was a virgin..... at everything. He had yet to share his first kiss and this was a secret held firmly between him and his brother. The reason it remained a secret cause bringing up that would bring up the past.

Ryan put down the guitar and leant forward on the counter. Dominic flashed a perfect smile and nodded. "Yes!" Ryan yelled punching the air and racing over. Dominic chuckles and takes off his backpack, pulling out the box before handing it to his hyper brother. Ryan snatches the box racing upstairs to the apartment.

Dominic chuckles taking his seat behind the counter. Grabbing the guitar his brother just put down, he kick his legs up onto the counter and lets his fingers glide across the strings. Slowly his fingers strum a magical tune. So beautiful you'd feel unworthy to hear it.

The End

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