Fion's fists balled up and her feet tingled in anticipation of meeting the men (or boys as the legends say) who would be her knights. She was in full dress, wearing the finest gown my maids could get their hands on in the little time they had. The princess' hair, which was usually flowing down her back, tickling the small of her spine was bundled up tightly in a white hair net; it sagged heavily onto her neck, making her muscles ache in protest to the flamboyant updo.

The ever growing hum of chatter in the back ground was setting Fion on edge and her palms grew sweaty as she took a sip of whatever drink they had laid out on the long table before her. Fion shifted in her throne, which was placed strategically in the middle of two smaller thrones. On which her Knight's would take their seat. The princess' father's place of seating was the grandest of all the thrones in the entire kingdom. Carvings of past kings and queens lay in the back board and the descendants of them sat in the legs. 

Next to one of the Knight's thrones was a chair a little smaller than her fathers. That was where  Suibhne

But, all good things must come to an end, as her Grandmother always said. Fion was destined to marry Suibhne; as much as she protested the idea she was destined to do so. For her country, kingdom and family. 

'Be seated!' A booming voice roared, 'be seated, dearest guests.' 

Fion's father took his own seat as he said those words. Suibhne smiled at Fion, reaching over to carefully pat her on the head. 

'Don't do it so gently, brother. I could not care less if my hair was loped off at this moment.' Fion said roughly, her voice could have easily been mistaken for that of a boys. 

'I am not your brother, Banphrionsa.' He smiled, an irate twinkle in his eye as he said the phrase he had said for most years of his life. Suibhne was a fickle fellow, always following Fion around like smitten toddler, yet he never made a single attempt to show Fion his affections... or true nature as it were.

Fion glanced around nervously around the grand hall, her eyes never settling on a single person for too long. She found herself ogling at the door more often than not.

'Bring in the Knights of Avalon!' The King said loudly, Fion flinched as the doors emitted a ear-spitting creak. But no one cried out in shock, no one even breathed as the two metal-clad knights clunked into the room. 

But Fion's fears melted away as she was greeted by two young, incredibly dashing young men. A warm feeling grew in the pit of her stomach, and she knew. She knew that they were her's.

Fion felt the passion raging inside the taller brother, and a quiet, calculating stare looked straight into Fion's soul from the smaller of the pair.

She stood up, smiling widely, her heart thundering in her chest. 

'Please, be seated. Tadg, Aodh.' The young women said softly, 'we have much to discuss. But first, I wish you to fill yourself until you are content.' 

The two brother looked at each other, inclined their heads and took their seats.

The End

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