True Knights


Tadg and I approached the castle in full dress. The gleaming metal surfaces of our armor had been polished until they would glisten even in the dead of night. The meal which we had caught was prepared and ready for the King's dinning pleasure. I was confident that we would be chosen.

My brother wasn't.

"Relax Tadg. It's not like the Banphrionsa will be naked or anything. You have nothing to fear."

Tadg shot me an angry glance but I couldn't take it seriously due to the spots of color that had appeared on his cheeks.

"Women don't frighten me brother. They just... make me wary. That's all."

I rolled his eyes but didn't pursue the matter. We had reached the gate and were stopped by the guards stationed there. Tadg and I had known them awhile and they smiled in recognition but habit demanded we go through the ritual greeting.

"Travelers ho! What business brings you to His majesty's castle?"

I stepped froward to reply, "We humble knights have come to curry favor with his Highness the king, an' it please him we have prepared to accompany his daughter the Banphrionsa Fion on her journey."

The guards nodded and stepped apart, lowering their weapons.

"You may proceed. I wish you the best of luck Aodh, Tadg."

I nodded back and we proceeded. The ceremonial procession was forming as Tadg and I reached the assembly chamber. We fell into line, waited a few minutes for the rest of the column to fill in behind us, and off we went.

The column came to a halt outside of the King's hall and we waited for our summons. Two other men, big and burly, were sent in first for some reason or another. I was worried that maybe they were trying to claim the positions of

A few minutes went by and my nervousness started to grow back. I kept my composure as best I could but with each passing moment my fears intensified. Then the King's voice echoed out into the hallway. A single sentence that laid my worries to rest.

"Bring in the Knights of Avalon!"

The End

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