Liar Knight's

 Fion's eyes raked over the two burly men who walked into the chamber. Her young green eyes narrowed in  suspicion. 

Well, thought Fion sadly, it must be possible if they are doing so right now.

If they were not going to give her a clue, then she would have to go with her instincts. She thought it over whilst staring at the pair of men. Fion wondered if the council would be able to hear ticking of the cogs working in her brain as she pondered over her two options. 

Yes, this was obviously a test and yes, these men were obviously not her Knights. Logic and magic deduced that much for her. But there could always be the off-chance that the duo were the fated Avalon Knights.

Something went ping in her brain as she came to her conclusion. Fion smiled gently at the group. The goblin who had silenced every member of the council earlier lip's twitched as he clocked onto Fion's knowing glint in her eye.

 'These are not my Knights.' Fion looked up from underneath her eyelashes, 'do not take me for a fool. I am the Gwragedd Annwn and I demand you reveal to me my true fated Knights!' 

 Her father's eyes bored into her, searching for a sign that Fion was unsure of her sudden declaration. 

'What would you do if we said you are false in your answer. Would you still partake in the journey to the Dark Fey's bund?' A bizarre creature with five arms and over-sized antlers croaked loudly. 

 'No.' Fion said quietly, 'if I am wrong, then I, obviously, am not the one you seek.' With that curt comment, she sat back down on the eerie skull stool on which she had been introduced to not just fifteen minutes ago. 

The thing smiled broadly, before catching himself out, coughing and composing himself once more. 

 'It seems you were right, Your Highness, this is the fated women.' Grunted the foul-mouthed fearie from earlier. Fion fought  back the urge to cackle wildly at his contradicting attitude towards her now he knew she was not just his princess, but his saviour. 

Fion beamed inwardly. She was their saviour. 

The End

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