Brother Knights

Tadg leveled his sights on his target, drew back, and fired all in one smooth motion, just like he'd practiced. The arrow sailed through the air impossibly fast. Killing the hapless doe before she could blink. She fell to the ground and Tadg ran toward it to retrieve his arrow and claim his prize.

He was just kneeling down when he felt the touch of cold steel on his neck. He froze, hand moving slowly to his hunting knife.

"Don't you dare, Tadg." A familiar voice rang through the trees. "You know I could best you in a fight without even breaking a sweat."

"Aodh." Tadg smiled, he knew his brother wouldnt hurt him. "Will you stop messing around and help me carry this prize back to the king."

"Ah yes," Aodh withdrew his blade and sheathed it. "It would be a delightful prize to present to his majesty, and the princess."

"The princess?" Tadg was a little stunned, he had  heard many things about the princess, but never had once seen her.

"Yes," Aodh grinned, he had obviously not forgotten and looked forward to the evening. "The fair Banphrionsa Fion O'Donoghue will be in attendance tonight, and tomorrow, we will set out as her Knights of Avalon."

Tadg threw a clod of dirt at his brother. "Dont you go saying that. If it is our destiny to travel with the, the council will say so. I'd be happy if they simply like our prize."

"How dare you throw dirt at me little brother! You shall pay!" Aodh lunged forward in a tackle and the brothers wrestled in the dirt for a while, until the chiming of a distant bell rang through the air.

"Time to go." Aodh, who was on top, said, leaping to his feet and running ahead back toward the doe, leaving Tadg to struggle to his feet and hurry after him. The two picked up the beast and hurried back to the barracks. Wasting nothing, they dropped it off at the kitchens to be brought to the king later.

The End

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