I sat on the floor, pouting like a two year old, trying to make the temperature go down. My ranting had ended some time ago. I could blame anyone I liked for the predicament, but blowing up what was left of the room wouldnt do anything for anyone.

I hated losing. Why couldnt anyone just follow simple orders? If Shaden had followed orders to begin with, we would have the girl and my plan would be put into action. We wouldnt be stuck here...


Paper burns at nearly 500 degrees feregnheight, regular, even polished wood would burn at the same temperature, give or take. I concentrated, trying to make the temperature go up just in the space I was concentrating on. After an eternity, the wood caught fire. I broke concentration and stood up, backing away.

"Stand back." I said to the other three, as the floor began to give way under the flames.

The End

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