danger mostly everwhere!

Someone bad started setting our HQ on fire. So we headed underground to the replacement better hidden HQ. I started to ma out the area we were in along with whereabouts the villans could possibly be. We started laning our next move to strike the villans. Then a shadow moved towards us as our backs were turned. My instinct was on full alleret. I made a shelid appear with my outfit. Then I turned into a wolf and pounced on the victim.

One of my commrand threw noodle soup on the victim shadow.

A fire blast was fired from the villan HQ, it was heading straight towards us.

My hand transformed into a scoop thing and i threw it back.

Then we raced towards the the Villans HQ to check out what they were planing and to spy on them.

A girl who had light blond hair, fair skin, light violet eyes, tall, slender and big almond shaped eyes was following us at this point

Then someone tapped me on the shoulder.

The End

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