Quick Thinking


There was a fire coming from the direction of the target had disappeared from, also were that Cloe girl lived.  Screams, and shouts pierced the cold night air, from the flames rose the winged creature Jamie had followed, and it was carrying a girl. The only explanation was that must have been Jannessa.  He let the winged creature pass over him, and did his best to keep his abilities to a low while still keeping, the creature with in seeing distance. The creature flew into the hotel Quincy,  Shortly after he had entered through a window, a smaller creature flew in.

"The shape shifter to." He muttered to himself.

He formed a plat form of energy and gently raised himself just outside of the window the two had entered. He decided he had little chance of just breaking into the main hideout for these guys, and expecting to win. No he was going to have to discrete, something that his powers didn't specialize in, but given the time, he couldn't call in for others to get Janessa back into the right hands.

"Get over here!" Said the voice of the Shapeshifter who told him earlier he was no match for him. Jamie smirked he would regret not finishing that fight!

"That's enough!" Said an unfamiliar voice, as the temperature began to rise," What happened? Drexlin I don't remembering ordering you to abandon your post!"

"Oh is that so...."

"Ya but I brought the Zenevine he..."

"As well as well as trying kill me with that pathetic fire of yours. As well as exposing yourself to anyone who had their eyes on sky you Moron. Not only that you would have lead quite a mob of the enemy straight here if it weren't for me.  Albeit they were weak, but I don't appreciate cleaning up the messes of weak fools. If you had just stayed put the same goals would have been achieved" The shape shifter said calmly.

"What did you call me!" The other voice said now roaring.  Jamie took a gamble and darted through the window at speed, energy flowing under his feet as he zoomed around the room placing dark blue marks on the walls. The enemies didn't get the opportunity to get what was going on as the winged creature had began attacking the shape shifter.  The room began to grow hotter as a short man with dark hair grew angry.  Jamie grabbed Jannessa and appeared back at the window catching everyone attention and stopping the fight completely.

"You!" The shape shifter, and the winged demon like creature said.

"Yup, Shoulda killed me when you had the chance!" Jamie said cockily firing off a disruptive arc of energy before leaping from the window. The two charged after him, but were stopped as a barrier of blue energy filled the hotel room, that repelled them both to the ground in a smouldering mess.

"You Idiots!" The short man yelled," Alleya, you stop him!"

Jamie started to feel like he was being ripped apart from within, it was hard to concentrate, on keeping his energy platform stable as he lowered himself to the ground.

" Have to keep moving!" He urged himself as the pain started to blur his vision.  The platform began to disappear, and reappear causing them to drop dangerously to the ground, the pain was starting to leave though as he distanced himself form the source of power.  It was pretty much gone as he landed on the roof of a house a few blocks away from Hotel Quincy.  Janessa had fainted from the excitement of this nights events.  Jamie had one hell of a headache, but that energy barrier he had erected wouldn't last long, he had to keep going. He had to go to the hidden underground HQ, they had to tell Janessa everything. The war had come here, and the enemy would stop at nothing to acquire the power of a Zenevine. He picked Janness up and slung her unconscious body over one shoulder while pulling his phone notifying Zealion.

"Jamie! Cloe's hideout was!..."

" I know, I got Janessa here. I was tailing one of their operatives. The one who burnt the place down. I found their HQ its...... Urrr!"  Pain overcame him as he tried to think of where he had just came from, he couldn't say it let alone think of it the pain was to much!" 

"Jamie, whats going on!" Zealion asked in a very concerned tone. The pain began to fade as soon as he stopped trying to think about where he had came from.

" I was in the HQ, but , but, but I can't remember it. Every time I do, urrr, This overwhelming pain overcomes me."

"Dammnit!" He cursed," They must have an emotopath with em, and she must have done that. Although atleast we got the Zen.. I mean Janessa. Meet us at location VHK. We'll get you to HQ from there." The call ended there.

"That's a good distance away from here." Jamie muttered to himself, " At least I can get there without being detected." He said taking out a map of the old subway system.


"Did you stop him!" Tristan yelled at Alleya.

"No, he managed to push through, the pain. I did however manage to link his memory of this place with great pain so he won't be telling anyone where we are." She replied. 

"That's not good enough, am I working with a bunch of incompetent fools?" Tristan barked," Does anyone know where he is?" Tristan growled into his mic.

"No sir, lost him, we have some footage of him on the streets but he disappeared between third and fourth." We also have stolen an encrypted call, but is going to take some time to get it to play to us ungarbled."

"Oh that's useful!" He growled," The most important mission and all they can spare is fools, and morons." The temperature was beginning to reach uncomfortable levels.

"Or maybe  we just have an incompetent leader." Shaden said just loud enough for Tristan to hear.

"What did you say!" Tristan turned on him, " Did I hear what you just said Shaden?" Shaden didn't reply, he just continued to give the same neutral expression he always did as Tristan got in his face," What did you say. Or are you to cowardly to say it again?" He spat. 

"Incompetent." He paused," Leader. You can't control any of your men. Drexlin's  a perfect example. We wouldn't be stuck behind this barrier, if he just stayed put. Not only that, maybe if you gave him something to do he wouldn't be acting so stupidly because he can't seem to contain himself." Shaden said calmly.  The temperature was rising. Drexlin seemed to be unaffected by the heat, Shaden was sweating but his shape shifting ability was coming into play and he was acclimatizing to the heat. Alleya was beginning to show symptoms of overheating.

" Don't forget Shaden you wouldn't be here either had you just killed the boy when you had the chance!" Tristan said with an angered composure, however he seemed to controlling himself now." Shaden, you will follow my orders and if I hear you anymore complaints of my leadership, or disobedience of my orders. I will have you removed in whatever way I see fit." Tristan threatened him before rounding on someone else.

"How long is this bloody barrier going to be here?!"

The End

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