Proving myself

Shaden tried to sneak off but I noticed him before he made it out. How was I going to earn any prestige if I didn’t get a mission?  The answer: I wasn’t. If there was any honor or glory to be found I had to take it because it wouldn’t be given. So I decided to give myself a little covert ops mission. I snuck out after Shaden and embraced my demon side. I unfurled my wings and took to the sky, keeping Shaden within eyesight.

He seemed to be going nowhere in particular and was constantly going in circles. I wondered if this was because he was trying to cover himself, or because he didn’t know where he was going. He finally straightened out and began to head for an unfamiliar building, which I hoped was the goodie’s base. Instead of walking up to the front door he went around the side to the window. He opened it up and then disappeared.

Literally. Wait… If I strained I could see a tiny shape… a fly I think… and I watched as it flew in the open window. I didn’t like Shaden. He was one of the main people who didn’t trust me, and a lot of people believed what he believed… If I could take him outandget the girl… I’d be set. I swooped down and landed next to the window that Shaden had entered and firmly closed it. I wedged a rock above it to keep it from opening. Then I flew to the top of the roof and and set my hand on fire. I touched the the building and watched as the flame began to spread. A few moments later the flame was a blaze. I crashed through the roof oblivious to the heat. People were running around screaming and I walked around, no one noticing me in the confusion. I caught a flash of the Zenevine and began to tail her as she frantically ran around, searching for an exit. I came up behind her and grabbed her waist then I pushed off and flew away.

I laughed almost the entire way. I could see Hotel Quincy in the distance and began to relax. My mission was a success. I wanted to end this whole thing with a bang so I spotted one of the lounge windows. And flew straight towards it. I sent a fireball ahead of me to smash the window open and I sailed through with my prize a few moments later. I skidded to halt amid the surprised glances of my “comrades.” Some of them were wary, others looked impressed, and some were suspicious.

Tristan came out of his office and stared at me.Take that bithces ,I thought as I grinned smugly. “Mission Accomplished O fearless leader.” I said with a smirk, and Tristan frowned a little, but he didn’t say much… he couldn’t. I just completed one of the most important missions in the history of for-

“What the hell is your problem Drexlin?"

I turned around to see Shaden behind me, morphing into a human form from whatever winged animal he had been moments earlier.

“What?” I asked innocently. “You upset because I got the Zenevine andyoudidn’t?”

“You tried to KILL me you little bi-“

“HEY!” Tristan shouted. “Calm down. Drexlin what is talking about?”

I sighed and answered clamly “I created a distraction that would allow me to grab the grl and get out without being detected. Apparently Fly-Guy over here missed the memo.”

“GET OVER HERE!” Shaden yelled and he sprung at me as sharp objects grew from his wrists. I pushed the zenevine away and grew my own claws and fangs.

If Shaden wanted to fight, he’d get one.

There was no holding back.


The End

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