walking on thin ice

The girl had shouted a command, We all headed to our secret hideout, a purple, pink, blue, green striped(not too bright) house behind a alleyway.

Parker and the comrad i had saved went upstairs to think of a plan.

I followed them. We tried to come up with a plan for when to strike the baddies. The othe goodisome had purple eyes and brown hair, others had Brown long hair and green eyes, most had blonde hair, red, orange, yellow and blue eyes, they were most of the goodies that had appeared at the park) hid away safely in a room downstairs.

One of our special spy comrads(Jamie) told us(on the talkkiewalkkie, quietly from where he was hiding while following the boy i had thought i had traped in ice and his two commrads) that the baddies were after someone. Jamie had decided to quietly follow them.

And that someone could be Me!

Someone was watching us in the shadows but we hadn't noticed yet.

Pixie could smell danger and it was coming our way.

I changed into a wolf again and smelt rotten eggs. (Them had stepped on rotten eggs while following us but they didn't know that)

Right away, i knew it was them!

"ok, here's what are doing to do.." I started to explain the plan i had in mind to surprise attack them.

Parker gave a can of confustion spray to me and took the back door and headed home as fast as he could, and the other goodies had special small gadets (like speedy running shoes, I was wearing them for the fight to come too, Some of the other goodies had gadget(so the gadgets could help us have a better chance of wining apart from having me on the good side for luck) to help them fight and got to their battle postion.

Then we waited for them to come.

We were prepared to strike.

The End

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