The Coming of Night


Jamie broke away from everyone, a ringing filling his head, shame, disappointment filled him. He felt sick, so stumbled and fell down a set of stairs leading to subway, before vommitting the contents of his stomach.

"you know they're going to go for her again?" A darker , and hollow form of of his own came from his own mouth. Jamie groaned, as the ringing louder," you're weak! Pathetic! If it weren’t for that girl you would be dead. No! If it weren't for your enemy healing you, you would be dead! It's pathetic Jamie!" The voice said again.

"Shutup!" Jamie said holding back tears of pain.

" You know it's true.  Why don't you let me take over...... I could make you win! You would never have to..."

"No! Go away!" Jamie yelled, trying to regain his composure, and strength," I am strong enough without your power." Jamie said holding his head the ringing in his ears beginning to fade.

'You can't hold me back forever....."  The voice said laughing as it faded away. Jamie stood up the ringing completely gone. He tried to be strong but inside all he felt was a pit of fear, fear of that thing...... Once he had reached the top of the stairs, his phone rang.

"Jamie! What happened? Where are you?" The voice of a man in his mid forties yelled.

"The enemy made their move they know about her. I am near the 23 rd subway entrance. " He answered coolly.

"She got away alright. Well that's the story apparently. apparently?"

"Yes, a Human was with her, and that girl..... Cloe I think played a crucial role of getting her out alright."

"What about yourself?" Jamie froze at this clenching his fist all the while trying to not clench his teeth.

"A high levelled shape shifter the first combatant overwhelmed me. Before two of his comrades showed up, who also did a number on me. In fact...." He paused, no he couldn't admit he was completely useless. Energy built up around him air began to swirl around him violently. Trying not to share his anger, and disappointment by losing control of himself, he calmed himself making his powers fade out. 

"In fact what?" He Questioned.

"Zealion..." He paused as something caught his eye as three shapes darted above him, one he recognized instantly as the shape shifter," I gotta go." He hung up, deciding to follow them to thier destination.


"Tonight!" Drexlin started," Is he crazy the goodies will be all over her now." Shaden gave a hint of annoyance to this term," If you had just!!!!" 

"If I had just what!" Shaden said darkly as metal  blade had appeared and was only half a millimetre from slicing off Drexlin's head," I acted accordingly, no perhaps I could have killed that human, but that seemed unnecessary at the time, and that boy would have shown up either way. Maybe if you had just killed him when you had the chance, we would have succeeded!" Shaden said calmly but quickly lowering Drexlin's false since of superiority

"Why didn't you kill him?" Drexlin shot back.

"I don't waste time on trash." He said simply. Removing his blade which turned back into his limb. This Pissed Drexlin off.

"This is besides the point!" Alleya said, " We have to find her, and get her back. Tristan is pissed!" Shaden gave an indifferent look, Tristan didn't scare him, not in the slightest.

"I say we follow them!" Drexlin advised eagerly. 

"Ya then what, huh?" Alleya said.

"Knock on the door and kill the F..."

"No, I have a simpler solution, However we will follow them." Shaden said with another quiet, and emotionless tone.

The End

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